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if you said "I caught the thief running away", who was running away?
I was (5)
the thief (42)
both of us (0)
pikachu (5)
i realize that i won't be able to stop non-native speakers from voting, but i am asking that you please exercise some self-control and not vote unless you grew up speaking english (any variety).

also, please refrain from discussing what you answered, so that you don't influence other people's answers. i will have to edit or delete any posts from here that reference the poll directly.

unfortunately, i won't be able to explain the purpose behind this poll until after i close it sometime in the future.

thanks very much for participating.
Thread title: 
twenty eight fifty
in that case, i will just talk about how you have a big sexy cat as an avatar, and how it is inferior in every way to my hot chick.

edit: you go through sigs and avatars faster than my roommate goes through girls. or faster than i go through zero mission. or faster than ben flames someone on the forum. or... you get the idea.
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That M2k2 guy
Well, that's quite a pickle, isn't it? I'm gonna have to know exactly what it was the thief was after and what you mean by "caught" before I can cast my vote.
sorry, if it's ambiguous to you, you won't be able to vote. pikachu is looking lonely, though.
everybody knows it's true
That's because pikachu doesn't run away. At all. He's no coward.
Shifty Leader
That M2k2 guy
I'm sorry if you don't get my vote then, because I always tend to second-guess the meaning, which of course leads to third-guessing outside bodies such as Pikachu whenever used in casual conversation and not really intended to actually mean something.

Ah well, I assume there are enough active people lurking the boards to satisfy your research objective anyway. Good luck with that.
Quote from THE POLL:
I was...

The Thief...

Both of us...


I sware, pokemon gets no respect on this forum whatsoever.

And who ever respected Pokemon to begin with?

Anyways, I grew up for the most part listening to english (and getting translations), and have been learning it since I was 12, so I have quite the good reason to think I'd be cool to vote. But I won't, and instead, I'll say that if I were to vote, I'd have said Pikachu. Once Nate closes the poll, I'll explain. :P
Haha. So easy.

Anyways, Pikachu is inferior in all ways to a Nintendog =P
Quote from Mr. Aran:
That's because pikachu doesn't run away. At all. He's no coward.

Not in SSBM.
Quote from transience:
in that case, i will just talk about how you have a big sexy cat as an avatar, and how it is inferior in every way to my hot chick.

The cat was definitely not big when that picture was taken; it was only a few weeks old.

The cat in the hat!

Anyway, I'm about as native as they come, but I'm going to abstain on the grounds of knowing too much.

Edit: Spine Shark, isn't that about exactly why no comment on the poll was requested?  You should probably PM him if you want to discuss it early.
Beware: off duty ninja
well whatever this is for, I voted.  wonder what this is all about anyways. . . posting when tired does not leave you with much capacity to figure stuff out . . especially after about five hours of driving around today
Oh, it's that guy
Man, I am a native speaker, but...It is so hard to choose!  This is going to hurt my brain for the whole of sunday...

EDIT: added spoiler, just in case too...
I would personnaly want someone to pm me to explain why the hell Pikachu is in this poll in the first place. I aint saying why, i just want to know...

Ok, ok... Because im the poke-fanboy who doesnt want his favorite fad to be disrespected...

edit: i was nearly writing this post half asleep... go figure Rolling Eyes .
I guess Pikachu's there for three things:

1: I don't know.

2: Pikachu is the thief.

3: I am Pikachu.

Score one for the French rat!
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That M2k2 guy
Quote from Spineshark:
If you're running away then the only thing you can catch is something coming toward you

Not necessarily. If you catch someone masturbating, for instance, they don't have to be coming toward you.

I think that was a bad example.

EDIT: Ugh...now that I think about it, who's masturbating in that sentence? And was it the thief that you caught? Did he steal toilet paper or something and you saw him do it?
rotflmao jagger ... i certainly hope not!


Nice one Jagger * Chuckles *
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That M2k2 guy
EDIT: Post above too similar, this post is no longer as useful without the context.
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That M2k2 guy
so...why couldn't he or even pikachu be running away? I'd think if the thief really wanted something, he'd have a weapon and nate would have ran away as well.
Why the fuck are we using these tags?
Shifty Leader
That M2k2 guy
so we don't influence people's voting, and so that people who read before voting don't wonder what we're talking about when referring to someone else's spoiler and be even more curious.
Cook of the Sea
If I was a small, alige rat who could summon lightning bolts from the damn sky, I wouldn't have much reason to run away, would I?
Not really, except maybe if something that was a lot stronger than you showed up, then yes you would run away.
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That M2k2 guy
if you came in contact with a conductor it would heat up and burn you. what if they throw shurikens at you or something?