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Odyssey: 2010-09-01 02:46:51 am
Odyssey: 2010-09-01 02:45:14 am
"This is the first joint operation I've been a part of since I became a freelance bounty hunter. It's also the first time I've taken orders from a commanding officer since leaving the Federation army." -- Samus Aran

Whether Nintendo knew it or not, those two sentences completely invalidate the events of Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. Samus took orders from Admiral Dane, and she worked directly with the Federation army to secure the Pirate Homeworld and destroy Phaaze. If that doesn't qualify as a joint operation spearheaded by a commanding officer, I don't know what does.

The next point will reveal a boss encounter. If you haven't already played Metroid: Other M, do not un-hide it.

On top of this, she's completely paralyzed at seeing Ridley again. Assuming that Corruption didn't happen, which the dialogue suggests, she's still killed Ridley three times. While Ridley is indeed responsible for killing Samus' parents, you would think she'd be used to seeing him brought back to life by now. Metroid Prime states that Ridley died during his first fight with Samus on Zebes, necessitating his reanimation.

Let's assume Prime never happened. This means that the jury is out on whether or not Ridley actually died during the first fight on Zebes, so Samus has only definitively killed Ridley once. This makes her shock at seeing him in the magma eruption chamber much more plausible. Other than Samus' reaction, there's no solid evidence to back this up, but given Corruption's blatant erasure complimenting the theory, one can logically assume that Prime and therefore Echoes have been removed from canon as well.

Nintendo hasn't officially said anything, so this is all conjecture, but it seems to be the case.

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lol no way
I guess I thought what it was that she had done to make Adam mad at her, and to make her want to quit his command... well I just started the pyrosphere so what do I know, but my impression so far is that she quit his command because her maternal feelings for the baby metroid wouldn't allow her to kill it; she didn't follow orders, and she gave it to researchers instead (and adam's personal preference not to use any living thing for any purpose obviously doesn't approve of this). So she wasn't freelance, just a hired bounty hunter - part of the army but clearly a special operative, until up to the beginning of SM. Or something? This doesn't reconcile the Ridley stuff, just attempts at the Corruption stuff...

I'm probably totally wrong so I don't know. I should probably finish Other M before making guesses ha.
The Overlord of All Acorns.
regardless of the situation, it doesn't make sense for samus to be paralyzed in fear by ridley.

iirc, ridley has been killed:

1. manga
2. metroid
(3). prime
(4). prime 3
(5). prime 3
3 (6). super

ridley has been seen (at least)

(1) manga
(2) manga
1. (3) metroid
(4) mecha ridley/zero mission (yes, i know this isnt ridley himself, but it still warrants inclusion)
(5) prime (beginning)
(6) prime (phendrana)
(7) prime (impact crater)
(8) prime 3 (beginning)
(9) prime 3 (seed)
2 (10) Super (beginning)
3 (11) Super (norfair)
4 (12) Other M

regardless of the situation, it isn't near the first time she has seen ridley, nor fought him.

tl;dr  They fucked up, but won't admit it.
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arkarian: 2010-09-01 04:21:26 am
red chamber dream
seems more likely that they just didn't care about making it fit in with the other games, especially the ones made in the us. that's a typically japanese way of doing things afaict.
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UchihaSasuke: 2010-09-01 04:34:39 am
UchihaSasuke: 2010-09-01 04:33:44 am
my umbrella goes directly to Bankai
it's not like they needed to remove the prime series since it didn't break the timeline so far.
i actually missed that part of the text. i interpreted that this was her first mission under Adam's command after she quit the federation, making the mp3 events still plausible.
now, the Ridley thing is broken even if you discount the trilogy. ZM and Super happened and she kicked his ass. i guess the guys in charge of that cutscene were too far into work when they realized it wouldn't fit or maybe Sakamoto wanted that part of the backstory in 3D even if it meant breaking the timeline.
or it could be that since Adam had Samus so heart-shaken, she gave in to her fear easily, while in the other games, the isolation made her supress the fear and beat him with no objections.
The Metroid timeline is slowing following the Zelda timeline until it becomes such a mess that no one can decipher it.
Indie Lover
agreed pizzaboy
May I remind you all that Team Ninja has a history of doing such things; they did it to their own games, the Ninja Gaiden series, when they 'remastered' the original games.
Ahhh okay. Now I know why they stopped selling Metroid Prime Trilogy.
my umbrella goes directly to Bankai
it had more to do with bad sales.
red chamber dream
it was always supposed to be a limited edition thing iirc.
my umbrella goes directly to Bankai
that's true, but i'm pretty sure they would have kept selling the trilogy if it had good sales, just on a normal box instead.
and Europe didn't even get that limited edition box so there was not a reason for it to be limited there.
Not impossible
just highly unlikely
Samus being paralyzed by fear from Ridley pissed me off so badly, you have no idea.
Quote from Toozin:
Samus being paralyzed by fear from Ridley pissed me off so badly, you have no idea.

She DID just come back from completely annihilating him in Super. It'd be like knowing you've got WWII won (and Hitler dead), and then seeing Hitler again a month later.
I like turtles.
in your analogy, a sensible person wouldn't be paralyzed by fear of Hitler, they'd just shoot him again.

For what it's worth, the cutscene in question seems to be the worst moment in the game and I'm glad I know that it's coming so I won't be completely slammed into the wall by how stupid it is when I'm actually playing the game.
Think about if from an internment camp prisoner who, at the end of the war, rebelled against the guards and won.

They play up Ridley's "scare factor" for her childhood, which is rather stupid since she's fought and killed him like 12 times by then. But it's supposed to be an event that makes her go "oh fuckfuckfuckfuckfuck YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO BE DEAD!"
Not impossible
just highly unlikely
Which is, of course, contrary to Samus's behavior as established by every single other game in the series.

And don't try to tell me that because she didn't speak, she didn't have a personality. If you tell me that you are wrong.
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sabata2: 2010-09-02 09:22:44 pm
sabata2: 2010-09-02 09:22:06 pm
Quote from sabata2:
They play up Ridley's "scare factor" for her childhood, which is rather stupid since she's fought and killed him like 12 times by then. But it's supposed to be an event that makes her go "oh fuckfuckfuckfuckfuck YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO BE DEAD!"

Not saying it wasn't stupid. But that's the way it's to be taken.
Indie Lover
it's pretty stupid anyway, even if you take the prime games out
but as someone posted in the IGN MHtri review, no one keep his/her cool when a gigantic dragon comes charging in your direction
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Toozin: 2010-09-03 02:01:24 am
UchihaSasuke: 2010-09-02 11:01:26 pm
my umbrella goes directly to Bankai
it is remarkable that she snapped out of it and then kicked his ass. from the reaction, you'd think she would just sit there and cry while Ridley eats her.
Not impossible
just highly unlikely
Tag your spoilers. Boss names are spoilers.
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kesvalk: 2010-09-03 11:20:17 am
kesvalk: 2010-09-03 11:20:09 am
Indie Lover
i just find it strange, that she panic at the sight of ridley, but don't at the sight of the queen metroid -_-
Quote from kesvalk:
i just find it strange, that she panic at the sight of ridley, but don't at the sight of the queen metroid -_-

Queeny didn't kill her parents when she was like 8, nor did it constantly fight her every step of the way.
Samus was only 3 when K2-L was attacked, which would probably be worse than if she were older. (Not that seeing Ridley kill her mother at any age wouldn't emotionally scar her to some degree.)

And even if Samus didn't react much when she saw the Queen, I know I did once I put two and two together: "Metroid eggs... what can create... uh oh."
my umbrella goes directly to Bankai
also, the queen is easy to kill compared to ridley so i'd bet, from Samus' POV, ridley is more scary.