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I may be late to the Randomizer party but this seed is the most fun Metroidvania experience I've had in awhile.

-2 key items, Phendrana Drifts, a boss fight, and a trip to somewhere else before you ever see Chozo Ruins (possible).

-A lot of puzzle cracking before your first "concrete" save, I played several hours before my first save.

-No Secret Worlds required

-No boost ball in run.

-Start with the Frigate items (no item loss at start).

Just know that this seed warps you after each item pickup and has randomized elevators. Even despite this, I have played both warp and non-warp seeds, and this is still I think just one of the best possible seeds, I'm learning a lot from it. Even if you haven't played normal seeds, I still think this is one you should play as it strikes a balance between difficulty and problems and puzzle solving.

Required tech:

At least one HBJ

I'm not actually going to say where. Sorry!

No Space Jump until
Spider Ball

No Spider Ball until
after the HBJ above

Thermal Visor-less activation of some areas

Various "new" Ghetto, L-lock spring jump, Dash jumps, and DBJ+unmorph/physics-based techniques required

This seed is "fairly" generous in terms of warps, and I say that knowing it took me 3-4 item warps before I found a dead-end, at which point I had to reload my save from 4 items ago. (I think my highest might have been like 5 warps?) However, there are usually a few different ways out of an area, so even if you have to backtrack to go back into an area, you might still be able to make it out, although the number of times might be limited to the number of items in the area, which works out for you anyway.

For a few certain, key items and areas, it is possible to freeze your progress if you miss them the first time around (because of warps, height differences, lack of items or beams, etc) - but this did NOT happen to me very easily, although it could have if I wasn't careful. This is a given for warp seeds.

Use Randomizer v3.2 (must have 3.2)

This code has been tested and it works. Append these after you designate the mp1 folder:

-g mp1 -s 546217225 -e 28 -h -i -v -w

So your full line should look something like this:

randomizer <mp1folder> -g mp1 -s 546217225 -e 28 -h -i -v -w

You can use Dolphin to extract and play without rebuilding, just set the DVD root and apploader paths in Dolphin's config to your randomized mp1 folder.

Some tips if you haven't played a warping randomizer seed before

-The elevator between Tallon Overworld and the entrance to Chozo Ruins is unchanged.

-Item pickups are assigned a random room, in a world, in the game, and they stay that way. This means that each item (based on location) will always warp you to the same room, no matter how far you have or have not gotten in the game. The only exceptions to this rule are items that you "lock" at seed creation, see down below at the bottom of this post.

-The same above is true for elevators. Elevators are randomly assigned connections, and will always transport you to the same room no matter how many times you use them. The exception is the one elevator between Tallon and Chozo Ruins above.

-Different items can warp you to the same room. This means that some rooms will never have a warping connection to them. Remember, this is all random.

-Remember that you'll only have each item and its warp once, so choose wisely, or pay the price.

Some tips for this seed

-If you're not a fan of save states, I don't have anything against that, but you're gonna have a bad time.

-The run isn't beatable without starting with Frigate items, but you can try.

-I did lock one item. The "-e 28" option is necessary for the seed to generate properly, and all this does is freeze Morph Ball Bombs at Incinerator Drone, so you never have to fight it again, I hate that boss, it's the most boring boss in possibly all the Metroid games. Did I mention that you never have to fight Incinerator Drone again? Just go right on past it. You'll love it.

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