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Acheron: 2009-10-23 08:17:43 am
Acclaimed Threshold
Constant Sorrows
To all the dudes and ladies who use or intend to use the hacks and fangames general discussion board:

Welcome! We are probably glad you are here. Please enjoy yourself; it's my hope you find us a fun and interesting community. Bear in mind M2K2 is much more than this board, and there are many interesting things to discuss on this site besides hacks and fangames; don't feel limited only to this single part of the forum.

Before you start your magical journey through the world of hacking and fangamedom, there are a few caveats you need to know about being a member here. These are rules that apply especially to the Hacks and Fan Games board due to its somewhat different nature compared to the other boards in the forum. It is expected and assumed that you will read this thread before you post; there is no mercy for not knowing the rules posted here.

[u]Rules regarding the creation of new threads:

1) Do not make a thread about a hack or fangame project you are starting on without [i]significant game content. I cannot emphasize this rule enough. Far too often a new member learns of the hacking community and tools available and decides to announce to the board that he is starting a project. No! That is bad. You are bad if you do this. If you cannot provide substantial proof to your claim (in-game screenshots) you are merely creating clutter on the boards. This is unacceptable. Do not provoke my wrath on this. And no, two minor room edits is not sufficient work; show us you're committed to a project. If you really want to share your hack or fangame idea, create some game content and share it with us so that there can be actual discussion.

2) Do not solicit information for hack or fangame ideas. These boards are wicked awesome, but it's not kosher to use them for your own personal game-making inspiration platforms. Anyone with a good hack or fangame idea is probably not looking to share it. If you are not inspired enough by your own ideas to do something original, think harder and aim higher; game creation is not something you should start out on solely on the ideas of others. Find something you want to create, then when you're making it along the way you can use the thread you'll likely create with game content and see what the fans of your project would like.

3) Do not solicit for help with a hack or fangame project here. This is not a forum where you may recruit other members to join you on your project. We do not know you well enough to volunteer our precious time and talent towards your dream hack/fangame. We all have our own projects we want to focus on. Threads asking for help with a hack or fangame will be deleted and I will warn the poster in a PM. Repeated violations will result in nuclear obliteration serious consequences.
(Note: this rule does not apply to the "community hack" project thread, but as that hack is likely dead I consider it safe to say that doesn't matter. If a group of people disagree with this idea they are free to PM me and I will consider an exception if there is a significant amount of interest in a community project in the future. Do not make a thread like this without interest from several parties and permission from a forum moderator.)

4) Do not post ROMs. Ever. Posting a ROM would be a good way to get Nintendo angry at the forum. That will make us angry at you. Never do it. Post patches to modify ROMs instead. And while we're at it, don't ask where to get ROMs either; you're on your own with that.

[u]Rules regarding posting/responding in existing threads:

1) Do not affirm or discourage projects with empty posts. I am glad you like BlackTelomeres' hack; I'm sorry you hated Acheron's project. However, it's unacceptable to simply say "yay" or "nay"; this qualifies as spam and is against the forum rules. If there is something you enjoyed or disliked about any hack or fangame, find the words to adequately express your feelings, and offer original and thoughtful ideas on what could be better or what you liked best. Failure to respect this rule will result in deletion of the post and a warning in your Private Messages. Repeated violations will result in permanent erasure unpleasant punishment.

2) Do not hijack threads. This is generally a good rule anyway, yet it seems to be violated quite often in our particular board. Discussing other projects in their relevance to the project the existing thread about is fine; consistent discussion that steers away from the thread's purpose should go in a thread dedicated to the topic of discussion. Making one yourself if it does not exist is fine (but you are expected to search the board first to make sure a topic does not already exist).

These rules are not negotiable. I expect that everyone who posts here has read them along with M2K2's All-Encompassing Forum Rules.

That's all. Shine on, you crazy diamonds.
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