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Hey guys,

I made a graph of the map of super metroid (without the space station). It can be used to analyze and optimize new/old routes.

Most information can be found on http://deanyd.net/sm/index.php?title=Complete_Map_Graph_%28Template%29

Sadly at the moment I cannot upload *.graphml and *.pdf files onto the wiki (I try to upload it here if possible, else we have to wait for response of the guy who is running the wiki page -- or someone has some webspace left for my files ;) )
For reasons of redundancy the png is uploaded here aswell.

The *.graphml file is what should be the most important. It can be used to analyze the map with the usage of computer driven algorithms (basically graph theory). I havent tried it with yEd (which is the application I used to create the graph) but the *graphml format allows the transition into the needed resoruces for computing shortest paths on the graph (i.e. the shortest possible any% route).

Oh also: there are TODOs on the wiki article I created, so everyone who feels like he can contribute something, should do so!

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