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Super Secret Area - Dead Ahead!
I can only assume that he was originally intended to give some message to Samus before croaking.
I like turtles.
Let the theorizing begin.  He's obviously as important as that one dead soldier in Super.
He's not dead.
He's just sleeping.

He's found the way to avoid the X parasites.
They taste best with salt
I noticed that the first time I played. Although at first I thought it was some sort of slug. (the head was the eye). Then one day I just realized that it's actually a person. Changed my life forever (not really).Brick wall

I like Big Butts and I can not lie
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BioSpark: 2012-12-29 04:46:22 am
hey pj, or anyone else i guess.

i've been trying to confirm if you really can get stuck in the wall during the fight with ridley. i've seen several claims by different people over the years, but i've never seen a video or found better instructions on how to do it (ex: here's a vbm of the closest i've gotten, but i need to go just a little bit further to get stuck. i'm not even sure if that's the right approach, maybe taking damage would somehow help.
Shifty Leader
That M2k2 guy
I can't imagine it being a better strat in a TAS, or more reliable on console than the space jump strat. Do you have to get Ridley to drop you as he's turning or something? Also: lol stratagy
oh it's a worthless trick for sure. i'm just trying to confirm that it exists. i've never been able to do it and i've never seen proof.
Shifty Leader
That M2k2 guy
You gonna make a vbm of the green chozo room from Super Metroid GameFAQs lore?
Super Secret Area - Dead Ahead!
Vid here. aiwebs_004
Here's a Jagger strat for exiting Sector 5, after getting ice missiles and after getting power bombs.

How much time does it save? It breaks even. It looks cool though pun intended
New sector 4 strat for any%/low%

It's easier than the original method to do the low-height spark (which requires timing the shine charge, and also figuring out how far left to run to give yourself space). It also saves 5-10 frames but that's not really the main point.
A rough idea on double missile on plasma core

The second try is really bad example but it seems fairly consistent after a try attempts and should save a little bit of time =^)
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kirbymastah: 2013-11-16 01:13:06 pm

need to find it for wide beam too. Problem is, no space jump, and the space from the top platform and the ceiling is too small :(
I love after like a decade there is still stuff that nobody knows about
except we do know about it, people just don't do it. though it's worth a shot to see how consistently it could save time.
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kirbymastah: 2013-11-16 08:31:02 pm
kirbymastah: 2013-11-16 08:29:31 pm
kirbymastah: 2013-11-16 08:29:24 pm

4:31 meltdown time no longer standard

I'm going to try out finding a "consistent" strat to double missile the ice core-x but don't get your hopes up, since diffusion missiles suck.
it's a joke, because I lost bgm throughout pyr by mixing three beeps after box jump shot, moreover I died without sound. I couldn't never repeat this again.

Very small time save + makes a previously dangerous part of the run considerably safer

(video was recorded with input lag so movement was not optimized i.e. you don't need to move very far to the right to dodge the SAX's diagonal shot)
that is sooo slow and dangerous holy crap
Hmm, at first glance I thought this looked really stupid. But after some experimentation I could fairly consistently manipulate her into not shooting at all, and if she does shoot you can just do what the video does and hide a tiny bit into the tunnel.

Getting a no-shot Balljump is pretty much identical in time to getting a no-shot when shooting her right away. Avoiding the diagonal shot is equivalent to getting a no-shot if you wait for her to start walking (safe strats).

A no-shot Balljump is pretty precise, but not more so than a no-shot when shooting her. You have to cancel your damage boost by hitting the tunnel ceiling and then jump (straight) immediately, press right for a tiny bit to get past the edge then hold left to fall back down and hang out by the tunnel. Even if she does shoot you can react and go a tiny bit into the tunnel to dodge the shot. The problem is that you have to react a lot faster than the current safe strat.