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Awesome and subbed. :)
was just thinking the other day (don't know why this ever even occurred to me though), that all that stands between 1 and 0 percent is the human impossibility of moving fingers that precisely.  but maybe we were going about it the wrong way.

Was there ever a glitch found that dropped the game's framerate by a significant amount?
nope. pretty sure pause abuse is the only way to do it.
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Hey I just found a new glitch. I was in the main boiler control room during the meltdown. I shot at the guy, causing him to turn into a core-x. Then it came at me (I was to the right of it, against the wall), and I jumped over it, and ran to the other side. When it changed direction to come at me there, it didn't turn, and was going backwards, with the eye facing the other wall.

It's a minor glitch, but I didn't see it posted yet.
i guess that's possible. would be nice to get a video of it
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I don't know how it happened, and have had many unsuccessful attempts at replicating it. I think it has to do with the way you jump over the X.
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Yeah I've done that a number of times, I'll try and make a video
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I have a video of it now, but now I need to find out how to embed it in a post...
red chamber dream
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Here is the link:

It's in the first few seconds, the rest is just me finishing the fight.
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Actually it's the video itself. I didn't realize it would do that.
yeah TaigaForum is bitchin' like that.
Now if only it would automatically get rid of [url] tags. <_<
Super Secret Area - Dead Ahead!
Quote from MilesSMB:
Now if only it would automatically get rid of [url] tags. <_<
red chamber dream
what's wrong with them?
Super Secret Area - Dead Ahead!
If you click the video (to play it), and it opens a new tab due to the url tags, then it kinda makes the auto-embedding pointless.
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red chamber dream
it adds them?

oh, you just mean when people put a video in them, yeah heh

if you ask nate he could probably make it get rid of them
i think that's a function of youtube's flash shit and not what you think it is. i could be wrong but i tried it on one without the tags just now and it did that same thing.
red chamber dream
so i guess it only happens for certain videos then? i tried one earlier and it was fine
Super Secret Area - Dead Ahead!
Not sure, then.  I only recall it happening on those with tags, but anything's possible.  Do you remember which vid it was, so we can check it too?
i don't think it happens if you click the play button instead of the shit in the middle.
No, it happens if you click anywhere on the embed for me, though apparently only in Firefox.
wow, firefox. was able to reproduce it in there.
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Videos show up and work for me, using Chrome.
just realized that there's a dead scientist there, so i looked in the tile viewer and found this.