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BioSpark: 2014-04-24 08:25:44 pm
Metroid fusion has quite a few glithces, bugs and other things like that. I have found several and would like others to tell me what they have found. So here goes...

Physics of gameplay glitches:

Screw attack into a rising metal pillar. You will sometimes get stuck in it in a crouching position. (Only morphing and rolling can get you out)

Stand on a rising pillar and start running right before it stops rising. You will run in place. (Same thing goes with the horizontal ones in NOC.)

In TRO, the first large room, go to the bottom floor on the left. Make sure there are cacoons that haven't hatched yet. Shoot the right side of the 2 block thing above you. Jump and grab the left block and climb up. You will be inside the cacoon. You can move around freely too.

Screw attack into a dormant pillar monster. You will be inside it.

You can speed boost through the dormant pillar monsters.

You can't shinespark while standing on a dormant pillar monster. All you do is do a short hop and lose your shine.

You can shoot a missile under the blowfish enemy in AQA after nightmare. It's the one in the top of the large room that contains the pillar monsters and the hermit crabs as well. I think it only works by space jumpin near the left wall and shooting right, in the right spot. (I haven't tried other blowfish monsters yet)

The 2 SA-X glitches in the fusion section of the site.

You can't spark UP through speed blocks (or any type of block that is destoyed by the spark) above you if you are touching them when you spark.

Have the SA-X shoot you with its beams and missiles in a morph ball tunnel. You'll end up in a crouched position while still in the tunnel.

You can run through a frozen ripper that is floating above a pit. Freeze it in the correct spot, and just run through it. The ripper should be about a half block away from the edge of the pit.

Somersault into a frozen monster/cacoon/dormant pillar monster and you will get 'stuck' on the top. You basically just stop jumping, even though you hold in the jump button.

Shinespark (or space jump) your way behind Omega Metroid and space jump to avoid hitting him. He will repeatedly jump up and down.

Shoot Omega Metroid until he is on the verge of stepping back. Lure him to the left and jump over him. Shoot him in the chest when he jumps back in order to make him walk back while still in the air. He will stay at that height.

Sometimes SA-X will be invicible in it's second form. Don't know why.

Shoot the 2x2 blocks in NOC so that half of a blue X is showing, but still trapped. Touch it and back off. Release the X and it will fly at you at an incredible speed.

Freeze the enemies that shoot the fireballs in late AQA. Using the jumping glitch, you could end up automatically crounching, or not. But if you have it in the right position, you will just shudder quickly.

Freeze an enemy that is 1 square below a ceiling (A ripper in Ridley's lair, right after the elevator is a good spot). Somersault into it, and you will be able to pass through it.

Graphical Glitches:

Pull off the glitch that allows you to run around inside the cacoon in TRO (explained in the above section). Run to the left wall and turn around. Jump up (don't somersault) and hold right. If you did it correctly, Samus will appear on top of the cacoon in a crouching position. Her arm cannon will be gone. You can aim diagonally and it will reappear, but aiming straight will make it disappear again. Shooting your gun will fix the glitch. (I've noticed that you can do this on other "frozen enemies/cacoons as well, as long as they are close enough to the ceiling. I've also noticed that in only works when Samus is facing right.)

After getting the ice beam, face right and hold R. Samus's elbow will turn blue (probably from a previous suit color).

Find a wingless keyhunter (hopping bugs) and stand on a platform below it. Run left and right to let it change directions. Each turn, it will sink a few pixels until it completely falls through the platform.

Audio glitches:

Pausing the the game when the stretchy wall monster attacks will allow the 'attack' sound play during the pause. Unpausing will then let the monster finish its attack silently. This glitch will most like work with other long sound effects.

Some sound effects will stop playing when several background noises are playing (such as screw attack silencing during the charge beam and save room).

Other glitches:

Skipping the 'unskippable missile' (aka 'bob') will eventually allow the missile to disappear completely (after grabbing the super missile upgrade) with no hopes of claiming it again.

Errr, post away.
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Shifty Leader
That M2k2 guy
Wow, birthday party and you're on the computer? Get to the cake before it's gone, man! Or is there cake? Well, if not, then you were too late.

All I know has been discovered by others. There's the Pogo OM, the invincible SA-X second form and the exploding hatch trick.
There's not many people here though. Plenty of cake left.

Gagh, I can't believe I didn't remember the Omega bugs.

What's the exploding hatch thing?
Where are these rising metal pillars?
The things that come out of the ground when you set a bomb. They'll also come out with power bombs and wave beams.
Really, the Wave Beam? Is that how to get the one Power Bomb tank in NOC? My friend was wondering, and I think he got it, but I'm still curious. He actually has 98%, there's two tanks he can't go back and get. One is the energy one hidden in the ceiling before Arachnus, the other is a power bomb in that hidden passage you took when the elevator crashed before Yakuza.
It would be extremely difficult to use the wave beam in that room, because it will also raise the vertical pillars too.

Try this. Go to my FAQ on GameFAQs.

Hit Ctrl + F.

Type in this....


Hit enter.

Now you can see what to do.
I posted a message about the Ice Parasite Glitch.
Shifty Leader
That M2k2 guy
Quote from chinchillax13514:
there's two tanks he can't go back and get.

Heh, it's funny how every week somebody still thinks there are items you have to get right away (except the one missile tank that's impossible to pass up). You can go almost anywhere (except the other side of Ridley's arctic chamber) once you get the Screw Attack.
Quote from chinchillax13514:
the other is a power bomb in that hidden passage you took when the elevator crashed before Yakuza.

He can still get it. It is at the end of the accessible side of the Sub Zero Containment area. Just backtrack to it.
Quote from JaggerG:
Quote from chinchillax13514:
there's two tanks he can't go back and get.

Heh, it's funny how every week somebody still thinks there are items you have to get right away (except the one missile tank that's impossible to pass up). You can go almost anywhere (except the other side of Ridley's arctic chamber) once you get the Screw Attack.

There's also the top of the shaft after missile but before Arachnus. Some people think that ANYTHING before Arachnus is unreachable for some reason. They just need to look harder.

Oh, it's also funny how some people think that the section after nightmare is a secret place that will cause you to have to reset your game.
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That M2k2 guy
Heh, "OH NO! I saved my game in sector 4 AGA after Nitemare guy and I can't get out! Has any1 been here b4? I went throug a secret area wit some arrow blockthings and now Im stuck! Ive been everywhere! Help!!1"
Quote from Wassup Dawgs:
Oh, it's also funny how some people think that the section after nightmare is a secret place that will cause you to have to reset your game.

Thats exactly what I thought and exactly what I did. Boy did I feel stupid.
Shifty Leader
That M2k2 guy
I just tried to find a way to get a speed boost through there, maybe find pillars, I was stuck for hours of gameplay, because I saved there. Then I went a bombin'. A few days later I found the glass ceiling of Missily weak blocks. What is it with them and exploding glass chambers? Super, ZM, Fusion...EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM got me stuck! In MZM I was just bombing everywhere looking for a way out, when I suddenly saw the glass crack. Then I went back to Super and tried it there. Totally sucked.
Do you remember the "crouching position in the morph ball tunnel" glitch in SM? Well it's still here in Fusion.

During the second SA-X encounter, get its attention after the power bomb explodes. Run to the bottom of the room and enter the room on the left. Crawl into the tunnel and move right so that most of the morph ball is over the hole, but just enough so you won't fall. The SA-X will shoot you twice (once to freeze you and once again to make you stand up. weird how that works huh?)
You will be standing in the morph ball tunnel. Now when it shoots you will a missile, you will be knocked back some and be stuck in a crouching position. You can shoot but you can't move until you morph.

Useless, but neat.
Thought these glitch findings would die out.
Quote from Phazon Siphon:
In AQA, to the right of where you start for the secret message, there is a save room.

If you freeze one of those fire shooting aqua things (beside the save room)and jump on top of it, you'll either automatically crouch or you won't.

But at the perfect angle, you character will shudder up and down horribly. It's amusing.

I also found one for the rippers near Ridley-X. Freezing the ones that skim the groud at the correct postion, will allow you to run right through them and into the pit of acid. You won't be able to jump back through them unless they unfreeze or you screw attack.
Time bomb set get out fast!
Quote from Wassup Dawgs:
Thought these glitch findings would die out.

Not so.  I think I've found not just a new glitch but a new kind of glitch: audio.

It's based on the enemies Sess calls "stretchies" (the giant wall snakes in Sector 3).  When you come close enough to one, its eyes flash for a moment, then it charges forward at you.  Here's the trick: come close enough to trigger that attack, then immediately press Start.  The game will pause, but you'll still hear all the sound effects of the stretchy's attack!  (There's one for the eye flash and one for the charge.)  When you unpause, the stretchy will be right where you left it -- and it'll make its attack in total silence.

I haven't experimented yet to see if this works with other enemies, but it works every time I try it with a stretchy.  Weird, no?  It's like that room transition in ZM where you hear yourself break the speed blocks on the floor in the next room before you're actually in it.  (Ridley's Area, lower left)
Here's a new kind: a crash. I don't think it can be reproduced, though.

I was on my way to the Navigation Room after getting the hi-jump. While I was climbing up that huge shaft (Right after the SA-X encounter), I decided to pause and check my time, but instead of pausing, the game froze and the sound of Samus spin jumping just kept going on, and on, and on.  :? Does anyone know why this happened?

EDIT: There were two other crashes along with it, each happening when I pressed Start+Select+A+B.

Crash #1: Same as the above crash, but this time, images of Samus space jumping were in place of the energy bar.

Crash #2: The screen went totally white, and my game was erased.
you probably accidentally jostled your cartridge in the cartridge slot enough for one of the pins to lose contact for a moment (when you were adjusting your hands to reach for start).
Nate, you should put that quote in those rotating titles at the top of the page.
lol. unfortunately, i think the irony would probably be lost. would be better to put just "skills" or something.
Have not seen anyone mention this. At the the end of the game (when Samus gets the ice beam) hold the R button to open the missle hatch. Be sure to be facing right. If you look at her arm, part of it will be blue. Let go of the R button and the blue spot will be orange again. Weird.
everybody knows it's true
Kinda like turning blonde by switching to missiles, how strange.
Just remembered another! All you need is the charge beam and a good distance and have an open door.  Have Samus start running but without holding her cannon. Go through the door and as the screen is switching to the next room, hold B to start charging. When Samus continues in the next room, she will still be running without holding her cannon. However, the animation of the charging energy will be following her gun arm as she runs.
always move fast
a nifty little thing i found in tro, in the room before the security locks:  go over right next to the security door, and charge a boost to the right.  stop it a little short of the speed blocks, and spark diagnally up+right, and you should destroy only the top 2-3 blocks, and land on top of the unbroken speed blocks.  quickly run off and grab the ledge, and the blocks will reform, but samus will still have the ledge holding animation, so it looks like you are hanging from a wall.  completely useless, can probably be done elsewhere, but still fun.