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I don't know if this has been mentioned yet but one time when I space jumped on the way to the monster where you get the plasma beam, The part very close to a hatch, trying to get to the upper part the game froze.

Wierd is this a coincidential bug or can it be reproduced?
Could be a bad copy of the game or you accidentally pulled the game out. If none of those, then I dont know. Never heard of it before.
Quote from The Dark Knight:
Could be a bad copy of the game or you accidentally pulled the game out. If none of those, then I dont know. Never heard of it before.
I checked and the cart was fully inserted. That happened about... a year  ago. I owned MF for 3 year when it happened. Maybe it just got a little dusty but I still found it wierd, video games usually don't freeze on you (unlike cheap computers  :x )
This is not actually a glitch but I really didnt know where else to put this ...

I noticed this one day when I was messing around with the tile viewer on VBA. I often do that to get sprites and tiles and whatnot.

This sprite, of a GF Researcher, was never used in the game. The two researchers in the intro walked foward for a few paces, then stoped. Never had a turn animation. Why do you suppose the left it in? This is only one example of the many unused graphics I find all over Metroid Fusion. Its like a scavanger hunt. See how many unused graphics you can find in the tile viewer! Lol.

Metroid Zero Mission harly has any. Its a cleaner, more organized game. That doesnt mean I like it better ... nothing beats a good round of MF.
especially weird considering for zm we saw all those earlier versions of the graphics (at least two whole paradigms that came before the released one iirc). good find.
ZM doesn't have many used sprites, except for that really big one:  Crocmire.  Haha.
I've taken a video of a SA-X Glitch in TRO, very funny. ^^

But I can't take it on this site. :x Has anyone a method to post movies with capazy of 220 MB?
That file size is way too big. And are you talking about the glitch where the sa-x can shoot through you?
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No, encode it using VirtualDub
apparently, samus' hand holding the arm cannon steady is blue, when not pressing R.
Thats already known.
no, you must be confusing this with the elbow.
However, I have found a few stupid SA-X trick that I haven't found on here or the site. They both are in the same exact place.
Go to the bottom left corner and space jump up in that little space as high as you can. Depending on its location, SA-X will
1) go up next to you and start shooting
2) start jumping left and right on the ledge above you.
if (1) occurs, move left and somehow switch places with SA-X, then go on said ledge, or just stay there, either way is funny.
if (2) occurs, keep jumping. Once you stop, SA-X will go around and scenario  1 will now take in place.
I guess you could use these to your advantage when fighting the SA-X, but I prefer to fight in the center at the bottom. (Shoot, jump to other side, repeat, then go next to the top hatch and shoot down as long as necessary)
I like Big Butts and I can not lie
Quote from xparasite9:
apparently, samus' hand holding the arm cannon steady is blue, when not pressing R.
which suit, 'cause only the varia or ice suit would matter
Quote from SamusAranLuver:
ACtually my fights using Space time beam or as i would like to call it Matrix beam whatever anyways during Ridley fights alot of werid sound and grapical gilthes occued and stuff .

I've had that glitch three times. Once, I was hallucinating and turned on the wrong console, with the wrong game in, and realised that Space/Time beam isn't in fusion. The second time, My brain glitched up, misspelled occurred, and capitalised the second letter of 'actually' by mistake. the third time, I was writing this post, but I had to go, because I died of sheer incomprehension of how you could POSSIBLY post this on the wrong board.

Anyway, I was sparking, and for some reason I stopped, despite not hitting anything. And no, I am NOT being hypocritical, I WAS playing fusion. I am perfectly aware that on SM, you stop your spark if your health reaches 29. This was on fusion, and my spark was stopped in mid air (near a platform), by NOTHING!
Then you hit the edge of the platform.
Quote from tdk:
Then you hit the edge of the platform.

Nuh-uh, I'm not that stupid. It was just over 1 block away from the platform. I think my game was screwy, as I cannot reproduce it.
Well where exactly did you do this?
Reactor core.

BTW, another glitch: For some reason, sometimes if I PSA Ridley from above, he will take damage, but I won't.
That happens with many creatures.
I doubt I'll be able to do this again, as I think it's more of a problem with my SP than with my game, but today, my game froze.  I was doing a 1% SS, and I charged my beam as I entered the room with the Mega-X.  As soon as I was fully in the room, the charge fired, and I stood there, unable to do anything.  The charge stopped in midair.  It looked like four circles, with some distance between each, and three semi-circles at the front, with about no space between them.  The game also made a clicking sound several times per second.  I noticed that the volume controlled the clicking.  Nothing would work, even soft resetting.  Thankfully, the power button still worked. 

As I said, I think this is my SP and not my game, because a few hours later, a similar thing happened on my Metroid II.  It was still interesting, though.
Yeah, that is most likely your sp. My sp is very old, and occasionally it freezes the current game I'm playing.
Hmm.  That could get annoying.  I think my SP is very old, because although I haven't had it for three years just yet, I play it a lot, and I do all my speedrunning on it.  And I speedrun Fusion and Zero Mission a lot.  I don't like the idea of getting a perfect segment, being on the save platform, and then the game freezes.  Oh well, it would've happened eventually if not now.
try cleaning the metal contacts on your games and gba with 100% isopropyl alcohol. cotton swabs are helpful when doing this.
today i was fighting sa-x and after i shot the final form once,he turned invincible! everything i shot him with just went straight through him!  Exclamation
I like Big Butts and I can not lie
It's been found