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That M2k2 guy
Huh? Oh yeah, somebody mentioned that a while ago. I noticed that all the time when I was running through that part for my first speedyish run.
How 'bout the SA-X in sector 2, when you first encounter it?  If you have full health (I think it's four energy tanks by then) and touch it, you die instantly.  Touching the SA-X with the blue Fusion suit is suicide.  Ouch.
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I saw in zero mission this

and tried it in fusion and it worked
I found it in PYR
Click here to download My Glitch.AVI

btw I used invincible and all unlock door and super metroid cheat because I found it on gba and I had to start it from scratch
Edit:I didn't use the cheats on gba
I like Big Butts and I can not lie
Here's a nightmare glitch I found Click here to download Nightmare.AVI

I used moon jump 'cause it's so hard to space jump, thats why i'm not on screen much
One time, I was playing my beloved Metroid Fusion. I was fighting the SA-X, I got it to it's second form, and for some reason, it stated not taking damage. It could still move, it could still hurt me... but anything I shot at it would just pass through it. I have no idea why this happened... and wanted some opinions.
Known.  Why it happens:  You shot it during it's transformation.  If you shoot it while it's morphing it (Sometimes) becomes invincible, forcing a reset.  If you shoot it with a missile while it's morphing, the chances of it becoming invincible are even greater.

On another SA-X note (I've been sitting on this one for some time now), there's another smart SA-X trick other than the Super Missile one.  If you're up at the very top of the room, standing next to Operations Room door while the SA-X is in it's first form, it'll either

A.)  Come up there after you.

B.)  Begin shooting at you from ground level where your shots don't have the distance to hit it but its shots still hit you.

Those darned Owitches and their glitchiness.  No matter how long you wait there, he ain't coming back. Laughing

Click here to download Disappearing Owitch.AVI

It's pretty big, so just play it without downloading it if you can.

I can also confirm P.J. Boy’s glitch is not a result of the AR causing his game to bug out on him.  The glitch can be performed under normal circumstances.
I like Big Butts and I can not lie
Quote from DeathNoble:
I can also confirm P.JBoy’s glitch is not a result of the AR causing his game to bug out on him. The glitch can be performed under normal circumstances.

Thats why I said
Quote from P.JBoy:
I found it on GBA and I had to start it from scratch

But thanks for the confirmation
Quote from P.JBoy:
btw I used invincible and all unlock door and super metroid cheat because I found it on gba and I had to start it from scratch

Using cheating decices has been known to cause glitches in the game so bad that things will happen that can't possibly happen under normal circumstances; even codes that don't affect those things.  I.E.- your glitch could've been a result of your game bugging out on from using a cheat device.  All I did was look for it without cheats and saw it was possible and mentioned so.  That way, nobody will dismiss your glitch.  In other words, I just made sure people gave you recognition for it.

Quote from Jigglysaint:

Sorry it's not in quicktime, but I though I'd share this little bit of fun that I discovered while going though Fusion again.

I thought I'd add this in here from an old topic, now that this is a sticky and official.  It's not that the SA-X can't hit you, ('Cuz we've already got that mentioned) it's that the SA-X can't open gates with its beam.  It can open doors with its beam and using an AR/CB you can see that Core-X can also open doors with their beams.  Just nothing can open a gate except Samus herself.

Not really a glitch, more like odd game coding.

Also, Click here to download Stuck-in-floor.AVI.
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hmm there's something that someone with an AR should try.

remember the level 4 door in sector 5? the one door that is always locked and that then Nightmare destroys later?

can someone use an AR code to unlock level 4 doors and go there early to see what's there (or at least if there is something there)?
I like Big Butts and I can not lie
The door doesn't open even whith the cheat on
It's coded the same as the doors in the high jump shaft before Zazabi.  There's even an open door up there that just stops like it was a wall.

There's no actual door there.  In reality, it's just a wall with the graphics to look like a door.  And if you used walk through walls cheats, you'd find the same thing as when it's destroyed by Nightmare.  Since that room can only be accessed (Normally) after it's devastated, it only has one room state: destroyed.
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Stand on water:

Nsider Forums:

In metroid Fusion there is a glitch on how to walk on the water in Section 4. YOu know the orange guys with shelss and have things that spin around them. They can only be hit with Missles in the core part of there body. Well IF you freeze one, stand on top of it, charge a Plasma/Wave beam and jump, hold down and the second you hit the thing shoot the beam. You will be standing on the enemy but he will die and then viola you are standing on water. Also these guys are located in the first part of where you do the spine shark trick for the secret message.
I took the liberty of making a video

The VM0 and VMV are in the same directory for anyone who might want them.
my umbrella goes directly to Bankai
heh thanks for finding out about that door.

i imagined something like that would happen but since i hadn't see confirmation of it, i was wondering about it.
Pseudo Screw Attack (Spin jump while charging a shot) into a gate hatch.  The gate will open.
Mister ...
Ok, I swear I'm on a roll with these Stupid SA-X glitches, unfortunately, I lost the place where I was posting them, pretty stupid huh?

The Final Battle some more, Stand on the two floating platforms, let the SA-X have one to His/Her self, and you get the other, quickly nail the SA-X with a charge beam, no freezing, and the SA-X will Screw Attack Roll along the ground, towards you.  however, for some reason, when he get's to your platform, he'll be just below the corner. trying to get to you, but will be stuck.  If I wasn't playing the Cartridge version, I'd have screen shots. Sadly, I don't though. the SA-X didn't do anything til I moved towards him to get a better look, then he went below the platform, and went after me.
I can't believe it though, there's like 15-20 Stupid Sa-X videos, and there's still more SS things to pull off.  Pretty sad.
I pulled off an alternative to these tricks.  It's a completely safe method to battling the SA-X in all three forms.  I'm talking about it here since the ability to perform this trick comes directly from the SA-X's idoicy.  Should add it to the list in the updates thread for Fusion...

I'll have a VBM up when I get home.
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look at this
i accidently got myself in to this thing
I recently found a glitch that allows one hit kills.Except it only works on the SA-X.When the SA-X jumps and you are at an angle, fire a charged shot and the SA-X will die.In its earlier forms, it will show the heavy breathing sprites except they are gliched up.
That happens to me a lot actually, and it will sound like he breathes like 5 or 6 times and then turns into the core x. I guess its just because that form is so big that the charged shot hits it a couple of times.
:( I don't know if this has been posted before but if i turn off my DS my fusion data dissappears should I return my game?
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I imagine you bought a used copy, in which case it most likely is a defect, and you should definitely return it for another copy.  In fact, you should take your DS with you whenever you buy a used game--it'll save you from having to take more trips to and from the store.  I learned that the hard way, having bought a copy of Golden Sun: The Lost Age, only to find that I had to return it for another copy because I couldn't delete or save-over any of the savegames.
yea i bought a used game thx alot for the help
Ready and willing.
Quote from A Silly Goose:
having bought a copy of Golden Sun: The Lost Age, only to find that I had to return it for another copy because I couldn't delete or save-over any of the savegames.

How the heck did THAT happen?
that's what i've been wondering the whole time :?