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Quote from The Nick:
Just remembered another! All you need is the charge beam and a good distance and have an open door.  Have Samus start running but without holding her cannon. Go through the door and as the screen is switching to the next room, hold B to start charging. When Samus continues in the next room, she will still be running without holding her cannon. However, the animation of the charging energy will be following her gun arm as she runs.

imo, that's no glitch, and a rare example of the detail that is usually missing from fusion.
This is hardly a glitch, but before any energy, missle, or power bomb tank, lay a bomb next to it and quickly get the tank while still in the morph ball but dont press a. Wait for the bomb to off, then press a and you will go into the air from the explosion that already happened earlier.
Updated the list with more glitches and a nice new layout. If anyone can find a better name for the 1st category, tell me.

I was about to mention a glitch I found but it turns out I was just retarted.
Why must you refer to Bob as something else? Evil or Very Mad
I found a glitch while playing Fusion today. If you go to the reactor core after getting the screw attack then (while at the very bottom) charge your beam and start space jumping in place, it will cancel out the sound of the screw attack. If you go too high up, the sound of the SA will come back.

I also found that if you start charging your beam just before you move to another room, when you get to the other room, your beam will be fully charged. The same thing happens with diffusion missiles.

The last glitch that I found (which was just now) is in the room two rooms to the left of where Samus' ship is. If you stand underneath the platform that the hopping bug thing is on and move left and right so that it turns left and right, it will slowly start falling through the platform.
ACtually my fights using Space time beam or as i would like to call it Matrix beam whatever anyways during Ridley fights alot of werid sound and grapical gilthes occued and stuff .
Interesting find with that hopper bug.

The screw attack sound will also stop playing when in a save room. Every time you here the whir of the platform, the SA-sfx stop playing.
Also, to add another detail to the hopper bug glitch, you need to make it move left and right without it hopping. It must only turn and face left and right.

And I also found that the bug can go through the ground along with the platform. This is EXTREMELY hard to do for very long though because you must do short hops over it without spinning or touching it, and at just the right speed so that it doesn't hop. I got it to go almost completely underground before it hopped. I assume that once it goes underground it's easier since you don't need to jump.

One more thing that I found is that when the bug is almost completely underground, it doesn't move straight down. It moves left or right as it goes down.

EDIT: This will work with any other hopper bug.
On the sound effects, that happens in alot of places, like when you are escaping, when your on the opperations deck, if you shoot you beam theres no sound.
Strangely enough, if you use a CodeBreaker to get the Screw Attack without anything else, you can wall-jump on a wall and actually gain height...(like SM, or ZM)
Another glitch: if you jump to get an ability from an x while you're charging your gun or missle, your gun will keep recharging over and over again as long as you dont press a.
In the room before you start the spineshark for secret message there is this floating orange thingy and it shoots these balls that move in circles.  freeze it.  now jump on it and shoot the second you touch it.  It will die and you will be standing on air and can even run around.  I would make a movie but lack a gameboy player.
I know its been a while since the last post, but I found an interesting glitch.

This happened during the fight with the second security robot. I killed him like normal until the x came out. I hit it with missles until it died. But when the last missle hit, the music stayed the same (boss fight music) and the x floated to the middle of the screen like usual. I picked it up, got the wave beam, but the boss music was still going. I went to the right and as soon as I picked up the missle expansion, the music went back to normal. The second time it happened, I went to the restricted labratory and right when I entered it, (the room that says restricted labratory across the screen) the music went back to normal again.

By the way, I did this on the cartridge.
I posted a topic of something I discovered some time ago, but nobody replied to it.. lucky you all I uploaded it again. See the short video and tell me what you think.. (you have to knowthe map of sector 5, because what I do is really weird, you'll only understand if you know the 'usual route' Wink )

I hope people like this as nobody showed interest before Crying or Very sad

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BioSpark: 2009-03-22 01:37:32 pm
Actually, they did reply to it and someone said something about it besides its crappy quality. Its just another route that takes longer, but nice find, though.
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Quote from Wassup Dawgs:
Thought these glitch findings would die out.
Quote from Phazon Siphon:
In AQA, to the right of where you start for the secret message, there is a save room.

If you freeze one of those fire shooting aqua things (beside the save room)and jump on top of it, you'll either automatically crouch or you won't.

But at the perfect angle, you character will shudder up and down horribly. It's amusing.

I also found one for the rippers near Ridley-X. Freezing the ones that skim the groud at the correct postion, will allow you to run right through them and into the pit of acid. You won't be able to jump back through them unless they unfreeze or you screw attack.

I found something like this in the first huge room in ARC (where nightmare flies through the bg). I froze a floaty guy in the top left area (jumps when you go near and shoots fire straight down) at it's height and was jumping through it from the right side (just below the ceiling). When I got a weird angle I wedged between where the ceiling ended and the enemy and was forced into a crouching position on it.
The missile hatch at the very beginning doesn't like close attacks too much...
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huzzah for exploding hatches!

Does this mean that if you somehow made it up through the disappearing blocks at the top of that shaft, you couldn't missile back through the hatch from the back?
Don't know if anybody's noticed but you know that little trick with the final suit where you open the arm cannon to fire missiles and Samus' elbow turns blue?  Yeah, it's on the Varia-Fusion suit as well.  I noticed it yesterday when fighting Yakuza.  I'm off to see if it works on the Gravity-Fusion suit as well.  Samus' elbow is destined to remain blue (So long as you use missiles) until the end of time!  Rolling Eyes
It works on all suits, and seems to be because there is only one sprite for the missile arm, that of the original fusion suit. When you activate missiles, it turns your elbow the color of the original fusion suit. You can compare in this picture:

Didn't see anybody mention anything like this.  Stupid, but somewhat  Laughing.

EDIT:  Or something like this...  Click here to download Weird.AVI
Time bomb set get out fast!
That is funny -- but it follows the rules, such as they are.  Ice is immune to gravity in Metroid games.
Found something else a tad bit odd.

Proof that not all blocks are touching each other.  Click here to download Weird2.AVI
I just have bad luck downloading stuff...  It says this on the file selection page: "This File was downloaded 0 times."  I click on the file and this comes up: "Too many users are downloading right now....
Sorry, there are too many users downloading right now.

Please go back and try again." >_>

EDIT: Just realized this isn't your problem but rather quickdump's.  But still...
I've gone ahead and downloaded it to myself, so it's been fed through a mirror server now.  If it comes up with the "too many users downloading, try again later" thing, just hit the back button on your browser and try again.  It downloads eventually.  You just have to catch it at the right second in time.

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