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rocks, locks, and invisible blocks
Thanks for the more detailed collision viewer, Aruki!!

rocks, locks, and invisible blocks
Oh is that how transitioning a door with IS works? In this video (2:05) I seemed to be going the opposite way that you'd need to?

Also that standing IS thing can be activated by using moon jump on Metroid Prime Wii and just holding it against a ceiling. As far as I know it's yet to happen ever on a vanilla version of the game so I'm not sure if it's actually something that could be taken advantage of. 
If that's the case I don't really know then.  I was only able to transition the room in my video by going in the direction the door is going.
rocks, locks, and invisible blocks
This game is stupid.

Does anyone know what causes this? Probably one of the more absurd glitches I've seen.
rocks, locks, and invisible blocks
Unloading water while inside it.
But then what happens to the doors and connecting rooms?
rocks, locks, and invisible blocks
Do that again but bring up the map and check the room you're on, it should show why that door looked funny.
So back in 2007 I bought a capture card to record a bunch of videos for a website I was part of at the time called Metroid Headquarters for the guy that worked there, Elias. The idea was to have a section emulating Metroid 2002's coverage of the game, while staying mostly up to date and introducing new things that had been discovered but hadn't been added to metroid2002. Anyway, it never got finished but I just have 4gb of Metroid Prime videos on my hard drive from when I was in grade 7 and trying to recreate the entirety of one of the most popular speed gaming websites of its time, plus a whole bunch of other new things. As a highlight, it includes the first ever recorded Vent Shaft under 21% conditions:

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according to Hazel, it might be the pirate's shots triggering the elite pirate.

Also according to Hazel, the hunter metroid that tagged me in the previous room while I was morphed caused this to happen.
rocks, locks, and invisible blocks

Also in this run I skipped Plasma Beam (can't actually finish because no Phazon Suit and no Impact Crater SW)