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that would be awsome, but there is no vid... Rolling Eyes
Anywhere, everywhere
Quote from Dr. Trence:
who is gorea again? sorry for asking, but its just i got the game yesterday and i cant really reconize some of the names

You might want to get just a little farther in the game to see him. Wink
ohhh, riigghht :D
whoa not only does freezing GOREA freezes him if you snipe him once go near and snipe again you make him swich forms allowing him to go to Shock coil mode faster and allowing a super fast murduring!
Nothing big, but the "connector room"(The hallways between each room without names and don't allow you to access the map) which should be connecting the top of Crash Site to Alinos Perch isn't on the map, even though you go through it.

Sorry about the quility of the vid...uh just make the window size the smallest.

You can tell it was kinda hard to play and hold the cammera at the same time...

I shoot his penis at the end.
Oh my god -MAJOR spoiler- but its still cool, can you use this glitch to kill him fully?
i froze him in Shock coil mode. I maged to get his life to almost zero but for some reason you have to kill his up side down mode...>_> 

The Upright and unside down mode have there own health bars....werid..
must be a hard boss. i havent even got to him yet, but this glitch sounds and looks awsome. so, is this speed run adaptable?
yes. I'm not sure how it works but i get it to work most of the time.. if you stay really far and keep shooting and make him unfreeze by moving closer to him and freeze him again you'll make him swicth mode to speed up the process.
well, im almost done collecting all the octos in the game, so im about to face the so called "gorea". and once i do, ill use your glitch. it sounds really weird, but yet awsome. it could help alot of speed runners (and hopefully me).
uh...i wouldn't suggest using it the first time though...

And this only works if you know how to activeate Gorea 2 first...
heres a (slightly small) glitch. in drip moat, if you walk on the very side of the room (speed trick i discovered just now..or if someone found it already) and come to the end of the room, the platform that you never rode on will "magically" reappear at the end of the room, where you are. barely a glitch, but it was weird, i accedentily landed on the platform, and it rode me to the other side of the room... then i had to walk back to the end of the room again. but yeah
Lol news news...Samus can now boost you though a wall. news..what?! boost you through a wall? was it a SW?
Yes....and it's a samus boost at other samus....
yea what? that was a joke right?
not that wasn't a joke Samus can boost another Samus though walls .
what in multiplayer? you cant have manipulated samus' in adventure mode... and that sounds pretty weird. I never heard that you can push samus' in walls.
wtf?! I just found this really weird glitch that allows you to move those platforms that float up and down (or at least the one in Sic Transit). If you stand underneath the platform, but at the edge of it where it slants up a little, it'll move forwards a little. You can tell that you're in the right spot when the camera glitches for a split second when the platform hits you. It'll eventually end up in the wall! o.0 But as soon as it touches the ground it goes back to it's original spot. Also, I was experimenting with it a bit just now, and it only seems to move in one direction, no matter what side of the platform you're on.  :? There goes my hopes of getting it out of the little tunnel it's in...  :(

Edit: actually the little camera glitch isn't a glitch, it's just the platform moving samus out of the way really fast.
thats weird, hey, maybe if you could "ride" it as its going through the wall, you go go through with it! Laughing then putting you in a SW, but that might not work. i never heard of that, but i could imagine it going through the wall..heheh
unfortunately you can't because you have to move out from under it to do that, but as soon as it touches the ground it goes back to the middle.  :x
yea, but you could find another elevator that does the same thing, except when you move out under it, it doesn't go back to the middle.. just a theroy.. :p

i found a glitch with a boss. in celestrial archives, the slench v3-5 something, (can't remember) when he is about to ram into you, for a second, he will "magically" appear on another side of the room, then ram into you. this happened almost everytime i knocked out the tenticle things that put a shield over him, but i don't know if it gives you more of a chance to avoid his ram, but it gives you about 1.5 mili-seconds of moving away from his position. but i think you're supposed to hold the d-pad in a akward way inorder for it to work. it's a pointless glitch, but it could help in a low% run
O_O V3-5. anyway...theres a similar glitch where all the cammeras get really messed up.
There's two kind of secret worlds that me and some others at GameFAQs have discovered online. In Harvester with Sylux (or Spire) you can go up to the top place where the cloak is and jump to the very side platform. Then fly (bomp jump really fast while holding forward) towards the side place. If you do it right you will land on a ledge (it isn't the bottom part but a part of the wall that sticks out). Unmorph and walk to the end of the ledge then fall and jump up to the other side of the the ledge. Everything will be all invisible and you can make it back to the stage on the other side and half the stage will be invisible (probably because the textures aren't loaded) if an opponent is there they won't see you and you won't see them but if they are in the middle area you can see each other. (You can still attack each other). If you walk through the green/orange door the glitch will get fixed. There is also a place like this in another stage. Here is a video: .