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when in the tunnel to where you first see weavel right when you exit the tunnel un morph and weavel will be invisible. I think by doing this it does not allow the game to load weavels data.

By beating weavel you must scan to see where he is and then blast the hell out of him. He will just stand there and die.

sorry no cammera. trying to escape the planet.
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sounds like this game is taking after prime 2 in its implementation of "omg invisible". good find. renamed this the glitches topic and stickied it.
Lol i just can't belive it. after 15 - 20 minutes of game play already theres a giltch.. tsk tsk nintendo.
Well, I was able to Ghetto Jump up a wall earlier. :D

Edit: What the...? Never seen that happen before to one of my posts (Ghetto Jump turning into a link without having to do anything)
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That would be the smart tags feature. Just look up at the top next to FAQ and Memberlist and stuff.
Ah, Ok: All makes sense now, I just never did that before so I was a little confused.

Anyway, I wonder if the Scan Dash can be pulled off in this game somehow. I never actually have tried it yet since I am playing the game with almost no thoughts on SBs and Speed Tricks this first time through. My ghetto jump was purely accidental, but I was able to do it a few times to know that it actually worked.
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I'm thinking not, since there's no special side dash move in this game.
To clear the confusion over what is sure to come up sooner or later, you CAN jump after walking off a ledge. However, if you look at the jump thruster description in the logbook, you will see it is completely intentional and says they enable you to jump in midair.
Cook of the Sea
Are people testing classic Prime stuff to see if it works?  ie TBJ et all that apply?
Bangaa Bishop
Since the game engine is pretty clearly tottally different, any tricks that work arent working just because they did in a previous game. (However the game has and likely has more of its own flaws to exploit). Any trick that involves locking onto a target will not work because there is no target lock function in MPH. (This is at elast partially becasue locking onto targets in multiplayer is like having auto aim on in an online game in any FPS game for PC or otherwise).
Cook of the Sea
Well mostly I'm curious if TBJ works.
I think I may have pulled it off once or twice early on, but I am not 100% sure about that. I tried the method of laying a bomb off to the side, than using two so that they will refill in time to attempt the TBJ. May have done this, but I was not near a wall or anything to see how high I went afterwards.
banks tbj is dead because the game has the prime 2 bomb counter. 3bj doesn't seem likely either for that same reason. the more advanced bomb jumps from prime 2 i'm not familiar with, so i couldn't tell you on those. ghetto jumping, however, is very much alive; i believe i did the same one prime hunter did in arcterra. it was pretty clear to me that what i did was not intended. in that particular spot, it was probably useless, but now that we think that we have ghetto, the game looks a lot brighter as far as insane speed tricks in impressive runs goes.
lol no way
Well uhm... I went to Alinos yesterday for a brief time, and in the first room which connects directly to the landing site, I was attacked by Weavel. He uh. Went into his alt for and swiped me a couple times, and er... I fell through the wall. I was in a clear secret world, the room floating in black just like in the original Prime. I was falling continually though, unlike in MP1/2, which... sort of shows a difference in the physics engine between these games, I guess, though that's unsurprising. I died shortly after falling, with the same "Power Suit Failure!" Whatev.
Ready and willing.
Lol, you sound a lot less enthused now.

For those who don't know, there's bottomless insta-death cliffs in this game, so that's probably what killed him.
In the demo there was a glitch with a bomb to jump very high.
Lie a bomb and unmorph when it explodes. The explosion will shot you up high into the air in your normal form. Does this trick work in Hunters?
I'm pretty sure that bomb jump doesn't work in this game. I tried it a bunch of times and I didn't see any significant height difference.

Also, I think I found an extremely small and useless SB in Arcterra in the Ice Hive. After beating the war wasps and activating the jump pad, you can use it to jump onto the little ledge that the missile expansion is sitting on. w00t you got a missile expansion 5 minutes early.

EDIT: I was experimenting with the bomb jump glitch and found that it does seem to give you a tiny bit more air. Either that or it makes getting onto ledges easier since Samus is out of MB.

I think I also found another tiny SB to get the Shock Coil a tiny bit early. If you use the bomb jump glitch mentioned above, you can get enough air to get onto the platform and then walk across it and fall down and get the Shock coil. It's not much, but it could save some time for a speed run.
If you morph right or in the middle of your fall then tou will recive no dammage. Also If you meet hunters a second time...just as you hear the hunter music. stay behind the door and let the hunter come to you. then close the door and open and blast the hell out of the hunter.. the hunter will just stand there and shoot.

Quote from Metroiddestruktor:
In the demo there was a glitch with a bomb to jump very high.
Lie a bomb and unmorph when it explodes. The explosion will shot you up high into the air in your normal form. Does this trick work in Hunters?

Er...i don't think its the bomb its samus unmorphing. for some reason in the demo samus jumps when she unmorphs in mid air...too bad samus doesn't jump when she un morphs in this game.
You can slide up any slanted wall, which might lead to secret worlds or speed tricks. I was able to crawl along the wall of the first room in the lava world.
awsome find. i also found some werid Multiplay glicthes i posted earlyier well..not really glithes just some random discoverys.
I checked around and didnt see any mention of this. here it goes

If, after laying a bomb, you unmorph almost the exact second you are propelled, you are granted a second jump. This seems to me to be able to get you the furthers horizontal jumping distance because you can use your extra jump any time after. So its like doing one jump, then waiting and jumping again later.

It doesnt always work, so im guessing its a glitch or unintended.

The sad thing is however, that I cant get it to work after a double bomb jump. Ive tried and tried but no luck. Anyone else know more about this?
lol no way
When you first encounter Spire in Alinos, there is a part where, before any actual battling insues, he shoots at you from above. You then enter a room and destroy two (2) voldrum emitting triangles and their emissions, and then Spire stands at the rim of a hole in the cieling and shoots down at you. If you do a DBJ up next to him he continues aiming downward, allowing for several free headshots.
After you get him down about 1/5 of his health, he drops into the hole and sporatically uses his dialanche Alt form. You can feel free to shoot at him from above here, while he rolls around, until he sees fit to bail. This allows for this whole segment to be done with no damage taken.
In the Demo or full game? I'm pretty sure it was removed from the full game.

MOD EDIT:  This was in response to Wes before a thread merge. 

(You didn't do anything wrong, Liku, I'm just clarifying this post)
Tried it and worked, but sometimes the jump won't come out right after(I tried both double tap and ABXY).

In Alinos, I think you can get the first Missle Expansion, the one to the left in the wall, quicker by jumping on the railing covering the alcove you'd normaly boost through via the Morph Ball. I already got the Expansion, so I'm not sure if it'll work since you can't get directly on it, but you're pretty much touching it(From looking at the pad).