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Uh... whoops?
Bananas GOOD, Kremlings BAD
Hmm, cool.
That was found earlier.

Though I think that's a new video of it.It's not really OoB just inside an unloaded map.
It obviously had the heated damage of the actual room that's below there along with the lava.

I'm not sure Samus could stand on anything there which means it's about as useful as the save breaking bug.

But if you CAN, then you technically could perform a "sequence break" there. Albeit a very pointless one.
I wonder if you could make it to the top without dying... I also wonder if you can kill the boss up there as well... But if Adam the %&^(!$# allowed us the Varia, we wouldn't die as quick going up there. None-the-less this being a great factor in a speed-run if you can nail it, lol