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Hi I'm new here,but I visited the forum and site a long time ago.

I found this glitch but I don't know if it was already found by someone.

The glitch is noxus jumping in arcterra until you defeat the first boss here.
What you have to do is to first enter arcterra and go to the place where you see noxus fighting trace.
Go trough the wall near from the door by jumping and take the elevator.Scan all the switches there.

Now go to the left and double bomb jump or use a missile to go up on the wall and jump in the small space in the wall.
Try to go to the left as much as you can before jumping in the wall.When you jump,you should go a little trough the map of
arcterra and the secret world.This make you load the main map.

Now go where the first artifact is,but not too near or you'll enter the room and the door will still be locked.
Use the double bomb jump and boost towards in the air to go near the magmaul door.
Go near the door and all around should load correctly and scan the switch.You should now have all of the switches scanned so
go to take the artifact and activate the noxus cutscene,then leave and go to your ship.

When you return here,noxus will be still jumping as if you see him before fighting him.
You can shoot him but he won't die
Quote from thekbx:

I know that video existed but the only new thing is that when you leave that room,you still see noxus and trace battling,
but maybe it was also discovered I don't know
The real ZM Ridley
Don't know if this is mentioned yet, but if you're playing Multiplayer as Samus in Harvester, on the leftmost entrance of the yellow side, you turn into morphball and go to the left corner and boost towards the corner. If you aim correctly, you should go through the wall and die. Not useful, but funny to watch.
In this video you can see how I escaped to the battle making a glitch very hard, is almost impossible, really.
Interesting trick there.  Previously, Trace was only skippable through secret worlds(and even then, I am not quite sure if you can enter Arcterra II without beating him, as killing him deactivates the force field in front of the Magmaul door).  This could possibly be a new speed trick, though the quick run through Fault Line after beating Trace during the escape might still be faster.
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juliano6010: 2009-03-30 10:10:54 am
Thanks for your information, but I CAN´T DO AGAIN, is very hard...I can only do it few times.

Next video, I escaped of the battle in Alinos. I used the morphball, but you can do the missile jump too.

Is curiosly, becuase, then, appear walls that they aren´t allowed to enter in this place again.
ima chargin mah lazr
Some quick questions regarding your last post, juliano:

1) For the first video, after skipping the battle can you pick up the two artifacts or is skipping it not useful to a speed run?

2) If the answer to one is that there is a way to obtain the artifacts after skipping the battle, then can you still take the portal that you activate in Council Chamber/High Ground even though that barrier exists or is that not possible either? can you get the artifacts without fighting versus the enemy?
ima chargin mah lazr
Quote from juliano6010: can you get the artifacts without fighting versus the enemy?

Exactly. I was just confirming whether or not skipping the battle in turn unlocks the shields blocking off the artifacts or not. Cool glitch, unfortunately it can't be used for speed runs. :( I was hoping it would be. x_x
Yes, it isn´t useful to do speed run  aiwebs_016

Mmm, but I will put more videos about cool glitches if somebody is interested in them. For example it:
The real ZM Ridley
I'm pretty sure this hasn't been mentioned before: When I was battling Trace on the first fight with him once, he attacked with the Triskelion, missed, and then ended up in the place shown below, stuck forever.
laugh new laugh new laugh new laugh new laugh new That video is very funny. I have a video like that with Gorea:

I have no idea how this happened, but for some reason, whenever I begin the fight with noxus on arcterra, trace is shooting the imperialist at FOUR TIMES its normal firing speed. Has this happened before?
Trace is supposed to have a rapid-fire imperialist beam when he gets angry.