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There wasn't one so...

I found a very small graphical glitch. A small piece of Mother Brain's glass remained after the case was gone. It wasn't physically there, just the sprite was. Yes, it was on an emulator.

EDIT: It happened again... this time it's much more obvious.

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I'm Not 100 % Sure, But I've had this in my mind for a quite long time now.
First, Shoot Mother Brain so many times that she can take on only one missile before she "Dies".
Then, Execute a Crystal Flash In the Marked Spot in piture #1.
When You're done, Stand up and shoot one missile (See picture #2), and at the exact frame when it's possible, morph into a ball and exit to the left before it's too late.

The Point is that Mother Brain Will Begin her transformation, and you'll be trapped on the other side!
Someone Should test this..

I also have found a slight graphical glitch.

If a speed echo goes through a gold pirate or a gate it causes multiple small explosions even though a shinespark would kill a gold pirate.
You Can stand on air if you jump on top of a Frozen Pirate.
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Raccoon Sam: I've tried that already. Mother Brain won't go to her second phase until Samus is to the left of that wall.
Although, there isn't any check to see if Samus is inside the room. XD

No idea what causes the graphical glitch with MB, I don't think I've seen it before. But considering how buggy MB is, not much would surprise me. :P

Kaos: Try hitting the elite pirates in Lower Norfair with a speed echo. :)
Quote from Kejardon:
Kaos: Try hitting the elite pirates in Lower Norfair with a speed echo. :)

I miss your glitch puzzles you used to post back on gamefaqs    Crying or Very sad
So do I. Even though I never really got any of them it was still fun to try and figure out how they were done.
I did get a couple pixels into the wall when MB started tranforming. I got couldn't go right though, and had to come out.
er i can't see any glass sorry.
If You shinespark when a Yapping Maw is connected to you, the game will freeze.

Note: I have many Super Metroid Glitches on my computer in a  High-Quality ".mov" Format. Would they be accepted to the site?
lifemega, do not evade the censor in pictures.
Quote from njahnke:
lifemega, do not evade the censor in pictures.
I'm sowwy... did ya have to delete the whole post?
Quote from SamusAranLuver:
er i can't see any glass sorry.
Here are pictures to compare how it should be woth the glitch glass. Note that the glitch glass doesn't "exist", it can't be shot. Also, I think to make it appear you need to have the Brain partially offscreen when you kill the glass. I did it with shooting the glass, not the Brain.

Forgive the bump, but this is the glitch topic for Super Metroid.

Probably known, but switching to Space/Time or Murder Beam while an enemy is frozen on screen results in purhty colors.

About LifeMega's glass glitch...  I've only had it happen on emulator and the only thing I've noticed that's constant for the glass glitch is it happens when you hit Mother Brain herself with Missile while there's still glass that's hittable on her.
red chamber dream
No such thing as bumping a Sticky.
Wasn't a sticky 'till you made that post right there, Ark.  You can't fool me.  Wink

Now, we all know that the Murder Beam is more or less a glitch within itself.  And we all know when you use it, things get even more glitchy.  And when you use it on the Golden Torizo, some weird things happen right before he dies.  Well, I took the liberty of taking things one step further.

EDIT:  I missed a beam combo that resulted in a new color scheme.  I've added it now.  Enjoy.

This site could use some more colors!
I am so making a sig out of that...
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Golden Torizo is a Megazord in disguise! :O
It's morphin' time!! :O
In the attempt to have New Year's pass me by quietly, I palyed Super Metroid for hours.  My paln didn't work, but there is good news.

Other than saving a bunch of money on my car insurance.

I found a bunch of glitches that I haven't heard anyone mention.

We all know about the pretty-colored Torizo I showed everyone.  This glitch is performed by Murder Beaming Torizo and near his death, he freezes and parts of him turn the color of your currently equipped beam.  This glitch works with both Gold torizo and regular Torizo.  But nothing else.  Only bosses have what it takes to survive a Murder Beam, but they don't freeze.  I don't know why.

Speaking of Murder Beaming bosses...  If you use the reset glitch or are doing a reverse boss order run, then don't Murder Beam Phantoon.  He will become invincible, just like what happens with the SA-X's second form.  Except Phantoon going gung-ho will happen 100% of the time with the Murder beam used on him.  Thus, forcing a reset.

I showed everyone already what happens when you freeze an enemy then switch to Space-Time/Murder Beam.  But some enemy's color schemes really freak out on you.  Just look at those 'troids!

We all know what happens when you switch beams in mid-shot or during a beam combo shield.  Well, I thought I'd be the first to document this glitch with all possible beam combinations.  Pretty light show...

And last but not least, my grand finale!  Ever try getting on the right side of Kraid in mid-battle?  I pulled it off!  You have to hold a button down, you take damage because every portion of the map behind Kraid is his damage area.  And you can't move.  Which means this glitch is much like the behind Crocmire glitch on M2K2.  And all you have to do to pull this glitch off is spike jump into the beast.  You'll spin jump up his gut, over his head, and behind him.  Remember to hold down right, you can't move, you'll take damage, and when you let go, you'll be flung back in front of him.  Making this glitch only a novelty.
This isn't really a new glitch but a slight tweak of an old one. To activate the blue suit you dont actually have to kill draygon with it. You only have to let him grab you when you're flashing.
Hey, since "Behind Crocmire" got on the site, shouldn't behind Kraid get on there to?  I've got a .ZMV (Or whatever it is the ZSNES records movies as) already created.  Only problem is it was after I did the reset glitch.  But I can make another movie at the time you're supposed to be at Kraid.
that would be cool.
Click here to download Super Metroid (E).zmv

EDIT:  Yes, forgot to mention that this is Player's Choice version.  As my friend has my Original Version, I can't check to see if the glitch works on there or not.

Here you are, Nate.  Just want to emphasize you must hold right on the d-pad to make Samus spin all the way up Kraid and behind him.  It also seems like the entire area behind Kraid is included in his damage area, so you do take damage while you're doing the glitch.  And with just the Power Suit on, that's about twenty energy per second you lose.  Like I said, the glitch is just for kicks.  You can't even move/shoot/aim while you're back there, since Samus is continually being hit, she's put in "flinch" mode the entire time you're behind him.
Embarrasing Fact: Power suit made by lowest bidder
It works on the original. And 'Player's Choice' doesn't mean anything - the difference is that you have the European (aka PAL) version. The glitch works in both versions. Kraid's hit detection is his border on the left, and everything right up to the signed negative (128 screens). It also extends up and down, but I haven't tested the extent of those.

Samus isn't stuck in flinch, but in the roll-back move (which is why you have to hold jump + right). You can aim down and fire and stuff, but you'll rocket back in front of Kraid when you do it. :/ The reason this glitch works is because Kraid pushes Samus left a set number of pixels every frame, he doesn't actually block Samus from entering his hit frame, or even teleport Samus to the left of it. If you move fast enough, you can just screw attack right past it. Problem is, there's not enough running room to do so.
dude, i can't even download it from that crap because it's 'feeding its mirrors' or some crap. put it on your m2k2 space; that's what it's there for.
Yeah, QuickDump does take a while to work.  But it's reliable as soon as it starts working...

It's up.  http://www.metroid2002.com/deathnoble/FusionMorphBallRun  It's there in that folder, at the top.

Random avatars are smart, I swear.  There was an angry Padame as your avatar when I read that post, Nate.