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In Sector 3, after beating the Rhedogian for the third time, you end up in a room with three grapple points, and there's a Missile Tank at the other side of the pit. I originally thought you needed the Space Jump to get to it, but you can actually reach it with a Shinespark. The timing is very awkward, though. Was this already known?

Also, this is probably already known, but in Sector 2 there's a room with enemies inside glass vats. If you kill them all, another Missile Tank appears across the pit, and this one can also be reached with a Shinespark. The timing is pretty lenient, too - I rarely miss if I jump around the start of the green striped bridge.

I wonder how many other people knew these expansions could be obtained this way?
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I think it's known that there are several ways to get the second expansion you mentioned.