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I could've sworn I read awhile back that you could just buy something from amazon to essentially emulate that, without having to hack your 3DS.
red chamber dream
you can yeah
96 hours to go until i get the game :D
red chamber dream
don't get hit by a bus!
knowing my luck i probably will
probably won't be until next week for me.

although it wouldn't hurt amazon jp to ship the game today or so considering how long shipping takes...
I got day one shipping from gamestop
I've heard from reviews that it's better than AM2R
you'd hope so
I'm curious as to how many years this has been in development. defiantly not as long as AM2R :P
red chamber dream
yeah but wasn't am2r just one guy?

anyway, it's getting great reviews, and more importantly, it sounds like it's just what i want from a 2d metroid. the map is the biggest 2d map in the series, there's no dialogue or npcs, and it's supposedly pretty hard.

and there's less of the bullshit i never liked in the older 2d metroids ... the melee counter mechanics look like they speed up traversal through long corridors filled with enemies by quite a lot

i can't wait to play it.
One shall stand, one shall ball.
I liked AM2R but if this game makes higher level metroids less irritating to fight and makes the final boss less of a slog it's a million times better.
red chamber dream
lol all the reviews mention the bosses are kind of lame and repetitive, but get better toward the end ;(
am2r was one guy for most of it's development
I just accidentally spoiled something about the game that i really wish I hadn't
One shall stand, one shall ball.
Quote from arkarian:
lol all the reviews mention the bosses are kind of lame and repetitive, but get better toward the end ;(

Well the bosses got worse toward the end of AM2R so I guess it balances out.
red chamber dream
i still haven't played am2r and probably never will at this point. sort of glad i haven't, because i remember ros being a really great metroid game bogged down by the game boy

a nintendo remake sounds just about perfect to me
I love am2r. I think it's as good as the canon games. The more I play it, the more I realize how amazing it is. When you start to get really good at fighting the different kinds of metroids, then you can appreciate them a lot more. Hard mode forces you to do this.
One shall stand, one shall ball.
No thanks, I've had more than enough of watching super missiles doink off a Zeta/Omega's weak points for one life time.
git gud
Delivery estimate: Friday, September 29, 2017 - Thursday, October 12, 2017

Guess I can just play AM2R ;_;
What? How is a Metroid game sold out? It's not even on Switch
I ordered on Preorders with a bunch of other stuff so I guess it's either that I preordered too late and I may have to wait for a restock as they got too many preorders, or it's that they intended to ship the other stuff earlier since that was already for sale so they decided to send the game alone via slow mail to save on shipping...

But nothing's been shipped yet. Dunno. Maybe I'll get a surprise mail tomorrow telling me everything's on the way via express mail. In any case, no game for me this weekend.
I know a man who has been playing the game for a couple of days, illegally of course.  He's raving about it and making me even more excited!  I should have taken a few valium at lunch so I could just sleep until the game comes out, but now it's too late because they will still be in effect at 12AM EST. 
Quote from Serris:
What? How is a Metroid game sold out? It's not even on Switch

Hey, it's been a long time since the last "good" official Metroid. People SHOULD be excited.