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Quote from arkarian:
you might be surprised how often ibj is useful ;)

lol yeah.  I still used it all the time after I got spiderball. I was totoally off track there...

So after I got said item I went all the back to the beginning of the game, only to run into a dead end. Waste of time. :/
Started a low% run and then noticed abilities don't count towards %. It's like they're TRYING to reduce replay value.
Finished 0% Hard in 5:18

Kinda feel done with the game until some chunky skips come along
Yeah, as much as I enjoyed it, I'm not itching to jump back in for another run just to see samus' ponytail after the credits.
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zeldacia3: 2017-09-21 10:40:37 am
Amateur Speedrunner, Roleplayer
How is 0% possible O.O!? How do you have enough missiles?
Amateur Speedrunner, Roleplayer
Oh wait the ice beam is a thing XD
It's by far the easiest low% Metroid run I've done

Other than % apparently you can skip High Jump and Spring Ball. Space Jump too, but you either need to tank the diggerbot's lasers or do some TAS-level bomb jumps through them
Amateur Speedrunner, Roleplayer
hardest low % if've done so far (and the only one) is hard low% on zero mission
Well if you finished that you'll walk right through this
Amateur Speedrunner, Roleplayer
well it was 15% hard mode. I'm not man enough to do 10% ^^;
15% is still way harder than this, there's so little RNG to enemies. If you figure out the strat for everything you're done
Amateur Speedrunner, Roleplayer
I only did it to get the last ending screen I need to finish the gallery. I don't like doing low% much because it just makes things way too difficult for me and just takes the fun out of the game
Yeah but you're not missing any abilities here, it's more like low% Fusion except way easier
Amateur Speedrunner, Roleplayer
I never got past the mega X in 1% XD
Spider Ball is also likely skippable (at least possible up to area 4, with theories on how to fight late game bosses), so low% will probably be 0% no spider ball, spring ball, high jump boots, or space jump.
Amateur Speedrunner, Roleplayer
If I do ever try 0% I'm doing it on normal mode.
Normal/Hard makes basically no difference, 1shot is a 1shot
Did someone do diggerbot no space jump? I'd really like to see that
Amateur Speedrunner, Roleplayer
And Fusion mode is gonna be hard enough for me when I'm getting everything
Amateur Speedrunner, Roleplayer
is damage in fusion mode double the damage of hard mode?
Amateur Speedrunner, Roleplayer
so 4X damage?
Amateur Speedrunner, Roleplayer
Not that I'm going to do this but is it possible to skip Gravity Suit. I know you can't skip Varia because of the lava caves
not yet

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