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Serris: 2017-09-17 03:27:54 pm
Oh you're still on the first phase - you just have to be patient and not touch anything but the tracks. One of the arms only aligns two of them at a time so you'll probably have to jump on it
If I try to jump on them, I hit some kind of invisible barrier that does a ton of damage.  Is there a way to make the sections stop turning?
No, but there's a metal barrier around upper sections, so you have to jump straight up while you're right next to it
You know, I can't think of one part in any other Metroid game where I was like 'WTF am I supposed to do?' except for maybe using the power bomb in the tunnel to get to maridia in super. 
There was probably a bunch but I was also way younger so it's hard to compare. Other than that technique I was talking about and the very final phase of this boss I never had that in this game
That metal stick looks like it's part of the background.  The column to jump straight up in seems more narrow than the morph ball because when I springball straight up I hit the barrier. If I try to get closer to the turning sections then I end up hitting them even though visually it looks like I had a little bit of room still.  So frustrating.
Do you have spider already active when you jump?
I think it's hard to gauge how much room you have because the track they present to you is at a 45 degree angle. Otherwise you wouldn't be able to see it. 

Quote from Serris:
Do you have spider already active when you jump?

Sometimes yes, sometimes not
He's dead.  I watched a video and then killed him on my first try after that.  For me the hardest part is figuring out what they expect you to do.  Actually doing it isn't a problem.
On the contrary, I just figured out something on my own!  I figured out what to do in the parts I asked you Y or N about.
Accident? Hint? Epiphany?
Epiphany I guess.  I was just like - I'm going to try....THIS!  And then I was like WOAH!
Lucky, inconsistent break for me.
I didn't even consider that some hidden tech could be what I'm missing. And then it only works while spider is active, even on the ground.
you mentioning that that part requires you to do something that the game doesn't hint at was in itself a clue, I suppose.

I just killed my first Omega!
Yeah I guess it's extra unintuitive for me because it changes how things have always worked. It's also too specific to find on accident, unlike shinesparking
It's so weird that it almost feels like they put it in after cutting speed booster late in development or something
Quote from Serris:
Finished 100% in 12:50

I got stuck exactly once, during item cleanup, and had to look it up. Turns out there's a technique I didn't know about. Either I'm blind or there's nothing anywhere in-game that even hints at its existence.

I had to look up that technique as well. Really wish they'd explained that better.

Quote from Serris:
Yeah I just had to go through my arsenal until something worked. Still doesn't make much sense, and I'm pretty sure when you get down to 1 hit left it's just RNG if you actually get to damage him or not

I don't think it's RNG.

There's the three rotating blue lines, right? As far as I can tell, you just need to hit each of them when they're connected.
Yeah but when you kill two he can go an entire stun phase without aligning the last one while he's not electrified, and if it's on top you can't get to it
All Omegas dead.  The Queen Bitch awaits. 
Quote from Serris:
Yeah but when you kill two he can go an entire stun phase without aligning the last one while he's not electrified, and if it's on top you can't get to it

Oh, that's annoying.
red chamber dream
has anyone tried any weird bomb jumps? i know it's basically pointless due to spider ball (probably? i mean, there are rooms with that goop on the walls, but dunno how common they are), but i'm pretty sure an ibj is possible
red chamber dream
also, this is kind of a random thing but i really enjoyed climbing back up into the starting part of area 1 after getting ice beam. it's that place with two of those flying things beside a high cliff on the left and sets of crumbling platforms against the right wall. you have to freeze the first in just the right spot, then not get hit by the second one, all while dealing with the crumbling blocks, which was pretty tough
You can take some minor shortcuts, but as long as everything's gated by Metroids it's all pretty pointless
red chamber dream
yeah, i don't care about speed running at all these days, but i still think it's interesting to see what's possible in the game

i've already done a few things where i'm like wait, did the devs intend for that? of course they did, it's metroid, but that's the feeling i want from the series anyway