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There's a certain thing I keep seeing in the environment that looks familiar, and I have an idea as to what the significance of it will be later in the game.  Could it be???
Gotta say, turning the Metroids from buzzing missile sponges into real bosses didn't really help much without reducing their numbers, these fights are getting pretty old

I was never a huge M2 fan, always thought the premise was like a sidequest nested inside a regular Metroid game. I guess you can't really call it much of an infestation if there's like one of each stage, but you could maybe combine a bunch into a single encounter or something. As someone who likes hunting for key abilities and unique bosses, these feel more like angry Sky Temple Key pods.
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Quote from ryu:
should have seen it coming

that's why i keep bringing it ;)
Amateur Speedrunner, Roleplayer
I've been using the lightning armor a lot more than I thought I would
Just finished it with 100 % - took me around 13 hours. This game is HUGE! Without any skips this could turn into one of the longest speedruns of the Metroid franchise.

Anyway, I loved it!
The sense of exploration and progression is marvelous as you dive deeper and deeper into SR388 - it's Metroid in its purest form: no distractions, no bullshit. And
yet, there are some surprises along the way that are new in the Metroid universe. The different zones you explore are actually huge - most of them are definitely WAY bigger than the different sectors in Fusion or Zero Mission. You feel a sense of freedom that I have not experienced in a long time in the Metroid franchise. At that point it felt almost like playing Super Metroid.

What else to say: the game looks actually gorgeous - I was honestly surprised how detailed the environments look like. Some backgrounds are even truly breathtaking and they do a lot for the world building and the overall atmosphere of the game. My biggest relief so far: it's simply fun to control Samus who is very agile and combat feels as natural as it was always part of this franchise! Especially some of the boss battles are truly challenging and yet very fun!
The only thing I'm disappointed in so far is the soundtrack, but that's pretty much it! So far I'm loving the experience and I can't wait to jump right back in and replay it on hard.
The whole game is pretty much spoiled for me.  I've gotten stuck multiple times and had to look online to find out that I was supposed to do something that I never would have thought to do because it's stupid af,but in order to find that out I have to run into trolls you pop in to throw spoilers at everyone.  So shitty.
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i haven't seen anything but the initial trailer yet ... so excited to play it! it will be the first time i play a "traditional" metroid game without really knowing anything at all, and i'm going to try and figure it out myself. we'll see how that goes lol
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also i made a thread for talking about the whole game, with spoilers
Right now I'm stuck trying to fight an enemy that I can't figure out how to inflict damage.  I've tried everything in my arsenal, nothing makes a scratch.  After an hour of this, I tried to just leave and do a different part of the game thinking that I must need to get a different weapon first.  But I can't - I have to finish this part.  So I turned to the IGN guide thinking it would be safe, and it was, but it was useless.  'Shoot him' is basically all it says.  For reasons beyond my limited understanding, they neglect to tell you what to shoot him with.
*eyeroll*  I thought I had tried every weapon.  Looking very closely revealed that the game automatically switches your weapon.  This is great if you fucking KNOW that it's happening.  I'm getting too old for this.  I feel like some old lady struggling to see what's going on on the tiny screen on some new-fangled contraption.
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yay my game's here time to play
You'll probably finish and write a full review by tomorrow evening.
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eh i doubt i'll play it enough for that, got more xenoblade to play this weekend too
Finished 100% in 12:50

I got stuck exactly once, during item cleanup, and had to look it up. Turns out there's a technique I didn't know about. Either I'm blind or there's nothing anywhere in-game that even hints at its existence.
I've gotten stuck many times.  Like right now. I can see exactly where I need to go, but can't figure out how to get there. Been trying to figure it out for 90 minutes.  I've bombed every square inch of the area, used every item I have, even teleported to surrounding areas in the game looking for a hidden elevator.  The only clue I have is a little block with a pink circle in it that has 2 lines.  Am I supposed to know what that means? 
The last thing I got was: 
the ability to slow time
But I see absolutely no use for it.  like, at all. I've killed myself over and over to refill my aeion and try it out in all kinds of ways but it just doesn't do anything.  It just makes the screen blurry and makes things move slow.  yay.
..and the walkthrough just says to go to the next area.  HOW?!  I started out loving this game, but now....
Quote from Serris:
Finished 100% in 12:50

I got stuck exactly once, during item cleanup, and had to look it up. Turns out there's a technique I didn't know about. Either I'm blind or there's nothing anywhere in-game that even hints at its existence.

Is it a hallway with spikes on the ceiling and spikes on the floor, and the space between is only big enough for the morph ball to fit through?  Y or N
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sounds like you needed to ballspark? that was in other games :P
Sounds like you need to play the game :P
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yeah i do. i'm only through area 1
I've been stuck on the same boss all day long.  I've gotten to the point where I can perfectly dodge all of their attacks, so I can stay alive for a very long time.  I only take damage at the part where I'm supposed to hurt the boss...I think.  The boss is stunned and exposing their sweet spot, but I can't figure out how to actually get to it.  I lose most of my health trying, then gain it all back when they start attacking again and dropping health.  It's an endless loop.  I do it for about 20 minutes and then my hands start hurting and I kill myself and try again later.  So frustrating. There are parts in this game that they expect you to either use a guide or have psychic powers.
Yeah I just had to go through my arsenal until something worked. Still doesn't make much sense, and I'm pretty sure when you get down to 1 hit left it's just RNG if you actually get to damage him or not
I can see
spider ball tracks, but I can't use them because they start turning and kick me off, doing massive damage.  I can't jump up to them either because you hit some kind of invisible barrier when you do that which also does massive damage.  So I can't figure out how to make the spider ball sections stop turning.  I've tried shooting, does nothing.  I've tried just sitting there and waiting, but they never stop long enough - they always start turning again, then eventually he goes back to attacking again and I have to start the whole thing over.