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Nope! I don't mind but I didn't look at anything from this game other than the first trailer, so yeah no clue what they're doing
really? oh wow well I kind of expected an unexpected ending, if that makes sense.

The only thing I have seen is the E3 video. I never even watched the official trailer.  I did see an image on my facebook wall that showed something in the game that wasn't shown in the E3 video, so that was a tiny spoiler, but other than that I'm fairly unspoiled.  I told that guy I know who's been playing it for a few days that he better put some of his sperm on ice if he thinks he might accidentally give me a spoiler because he won't have balls any more if he does.
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I think we all want to know squishy is the metroid amiibo XD
I'm totally expecting an unexpected ending, but that's not the same as knowing they did something different lol
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I'm not sure if it's the ending. it could be somewhere in the middle. i just know they did something different
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also i wonder if there will be any references to fusion (not counting fusion mode)
I haven't opened the package yet.  I have all 4 of them and I haven't opened any of them.  I'm too lazy.

I'm really starting to love the complexity of the map. 

I love how they used so many symbols on the map, but it will take a while to remember what all of them mean.  Some of them are very similar to one another.  I find myself having to look at the map legend a lot.  I haven't used any of the pins yet.
I'm not sure if I like how they change the symbol on the map from an 'O' to an item symbol if you've seen the item.  I would prefer that it remain an 'O' until I actually pick it up.  The O's are easier to see on the map while the item symbols don't stand out as something that I have yet to pick up.
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does the game control anything like Zero Mission?
Not really.  These controls kind of seem like they just started from the ground up.  You've got your basic stuff like gripping ledges and morphing, but other than that it's a whole new animal.
Does the walljump count as a Fusion reference
I haven't been able to do a wall jump in the same way that they work in any other game.  Most walls let you walljump away from them but you don't even have to press any direction when you do it, just jump. How are you comparing with Fusion? 
I just mean that it's bad lol
Walljumping is kind of useless in a game that has spider ball anyways
I just found:

Spring Ball!
Holy shit!  This game just went through the roof in coolness!  I'm jumping around on the furniture like a fool!
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now i'm really curious about what happened
I feel like storming into Nintendo headquarters and kissing everyone
with tongue even!
I'm a good chunk past Spring Ball and have no idea what it could be lol
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I'm starting the game as soon as i get home from school (if it's arrived that is)
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nevermind i just got an email that it was delivered
The thing that gave me an orgasm was just:

I got varia and entered my first heated area. The Lower Norfair theme is my favorite tune Metroid and I'm so glad they brought it back.  The track in Prime is lame, in fact I didn't even recognize it when I first heard it.  This version is great.
red chamber dream
here's what gave me an orgasm:

should have seen it coming