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I like turtles.
Pre-ordered for store pickup from Walmart and since it's not due until the 19th I'm gonna have the weekend to wish I was playing it.
red chamber dream
yeah looks like my amazon copy isn't coming till the 19th either. owell, more time for xenoblade and pokemon!
Is anyone here going to be playing it upon launch? 
red chamber dream
i am now! well, almost. just got a shipping email - mine will be here saturday
I'm going to start playing in 9 minutes.  :)  !!!!!!!
and I almost got to say "metroid 2002, where nobody plays metroid"

have fun!
wow so far I LOVE IT.  It's gorgeous and feels great.
looks like I got lucky after all and get to play next week too
I've been stuck in the game for a long time.  I had to finally put it down last night, and this morning I'm stuck in the same spot.  Kind of sucks to stuck in a Metroid game.  I don't think that has ever happened to me before.  There were instructions that appeared on the screen for about 1.5 seconds - not even close to being long enough to actually read.  So I have no idea what they said.  I've reloaded from my previous save point a couple of times so I could try to read the message again but that takes me back very far and I still haven't been able to read it. It's practically a flash on the screen.  And they don't show the instructions again if you die, you have to reload.  *sigh*  Do I have to wait a week for my guide to come just so I can find out what to do?
Amateur Speedrunner, Roleplayer
I just got a shipping confirmation from gamestop :D. well it was sent 13 hours ago but i'm just now seeing it
omg I'm so stupid.  Forget everything I've ever said.  I was never here.
Amateur Speedrunner, Roleplayer
guessing you figured it out XD
I still have no idea what those instructions said. The manual tells you that you can do a special attack, but for reasons unknown, it neglects to tell you HOW to do it.  It just tells you to do it....and I'm like 'OK, how?!'

As far as being stuck goes - there was a visual clue that I was missing.  Well, I was seeing it but it looks nearly identical to another visual clue and until I looked very close I didn't realize they were different. 
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How is the game so far?
Better than I thought it would be  :)  I'm loving it
The 3D on this game is excellent.  Those who play w/o the 3D are missing out.
The other game Mercury Steam made for 3DS is Mirror of Fate.  The 3D is impressive on that game as well.  I'm kind of thinking that's why Nintendo asked them to make this game.  It looks like Nintendo told them to make it even better, which they're known to do.  The backgrounds have so much stuff going on in them.
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I have a 2DS so i can't play in 3D ;-;
Is this a completely different team from the people who made the Lords of Shadow games? This feels so nice

Also I still don't know if I miss bombing every pixel in a Metroid game or not
lol I was having the same thought about missing the carpet bombing. It did make discovery a little sweeter.
In an abundance of caution, I'm going to start using spoiler tags for even the littlest things.  You know, just in case.

I like how you don't have to worry about your bombs knocking you off while using spider ball.  It really sucked in the original M2 when you were just inside the range of your bomb explosion and it would make you fall WAAAAAY down.  I also like how you can touch the map screen to morph.  I use that for midair morphs.  Not as cool as having a morph button like in AM2R, but still something I appreciate.
my saums 3DS and my amiibo two-pack arrived.  The amiibos are really nice. 
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I accidently spoiled something about the ending for myself. i won't say what it is cause i'm not an a**hole
Well now you spoiled that there's something new about the ending ;(
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oops i didn't realize that! sorry >_<
lol I think he's being sarcastic