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red chamber dream
so this is a thing now. figured i'd make a board since it's only a couple months away. i'm pretty excited for this since i love ros.
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One shall stand, one shall ball.
The game to introduce the true villain of the Metroid series: THE BABY!
I like turtles.
I wonder whether they're going to keep it relatively linear like the original or open it up a bit more like ZM. Seems like wall jumping is in and bomb jumping is even intended to a degree.
I'm glad it's getting the remake it deserves.
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yonic: 2017-07-03 09:23:44 pm
yonic: 2017-07-03 09:22:07 pm
Game designer and Metroid Prime fan
One of my teachers from the degree of game design I'm currently studying at knows about ten or so people from MercurySteam, and I think he might have worked with one of them in the past, but not within the company. Tomorrow I'm meeting him to discuss some matters with him, including if he can get a word whether if the company offers internship programs or not.

As far as I've looked and heard from stories from a conference they made last year in the college I'm studying at and from my teacher, they might have done this kind of programs before with small projects. And considering that the website shows another game apart from Samus Returns, I guess there's where most internship opportunities are available, if any.

Even if it's unlikely for me to get involved in the development of Metroid: Samus Returns, I'd be honored to work with them.
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Serris: 2017-07-31 07:49:38 am
Apparently Hard Mode is locked behind an Amiibo. I'd consider that actual content that matters so I guess we're halfway down the slippery slidey fun slope into Amiibo hell now.
People are copying the amiibo chips onto nfc chip cards and selling them on ebay.  I ended up buying 4 of them and they work just fine.  I paid $5 each for them and if I had bought the actual amiibos I would have had to cough up over $200 easily.  So at least there's that option vs going to scalpers if the amiibo are sold out everywhere.
I got two Metroid Amiibos as collectibles (for 5 each lol), that's unrelated to this being a garbage thing to do though
I like turtles.
Plus if you're like me and got a 3DS before Amiibos were a twinkle in Nintendo's eye, you don't even have the console hardware to use them. I'm really hoping some people's theories are correct, that it's just an "early unlock with an Amiibo, but you can still get it through normal play eventually" kind of deal.
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ryu: 2017-08-01 10:24:33 am
I don't have the necessary hardware either, and Metroid is the only series in which I always make a hard mode playthrough.

This sucks royally.
red chamber dream
i think it would be funny if people boycott the game, and nintendo's takeaway is that no one wants metroid after all >_>
luckily nobody seems to be doing that
red chamber dream
yeah certainly not me. but i don't care about any of the amiibo bonuses
I'll probably end up buying two copies of the game: one digital that I can download at midnight and play right away, and one physical special edition that will deliver the next day.  I've done that with a few other games already.

It does stink about the amiibos, but I do plan on getting them all, or the NFC chips at least if I can't find the real amiibos. I picked up the 2 smash bros metroid amiibos this week before they get scarce.  Just waiting for the 2 new metroid amiibos to go on sale and hoping that I'm able to order them before the scalpers get them all.

You guys never upgraded your 3DS's?  You gotta get the New Nintendo 3DS XL.  The 'new' part is so worth it.  It's the stable 3D technology that they added which uses the camera to track the position of your face that makes all the difference.  It adjusts the 3D instantly as the position of your face relative to the 3ds changes, so your eyes stay in focus and the 3d is more, well, stable.  It's great.

I'm super excited for this game.  I really enjoyed mirror of fate on 3DS which was made by mercury steam, so I've little doubt that this game won't look and feel great.  I really hope the map and the secrets are as clever as past 2D games like ZM.
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arkarian: 2017-08-04 12:31:12 pm
red chamber dream
i've bought three 3dses so far lol ;_;

my original still works fine, but i upgraded to the new 3ds last year. then the screen broke while i was transporting it, so i just bought a new 2ds xl. seems pretty sweet. i don't miss the 3d, as barely any new games use it these days. i really just needed a new one to finish pokemon sun and for samus returns
"then the screen broke while i was transporting it,"

Did you drop it?
The official website is nice:
red chamber dream
no, it was just in my carry on bag. never had anything like that happen to a nintendo system before. i guess something was pressing on the corner, and it got one of those internal "cracks" to the lcd screen which has kept spreading

the actual plastic isn't broken
Wow that really sucks.  I've never had anything like that happen either, but I rarely take mine out of the house.

6 Weeks from today!  What am I to do until then?  If this game is as good as AM2R then I will be very happy.
Yup I was right that they're making a special 3DS.'s ugly:

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ryu: 2017-08-08 09:20:50 am
lol yeah

should have put the metroid logo on a more pleasant color instead
red chamber dream
i like it ;(
orange and yellow are my two least fav colors.  But, those ARE the colors of samus I guess, so this design is typical for a samus 3DS. 

I would have preferred something with space on it?  They already did that with the galaxy 3DS.  I don't know what I was expecting, but I'm not loving this.  I'll probably get it anyways.
I like turtles.
I only wish I had the extra cash to shell out, I'm still rocking my 3DS from the original launch of the platform. It's definitely showing its age, poor battery power and sluggish performance in some cases.
Ok apparently there's a normal hard mode in the game, unlockable without the amiibo, and an additional more difficult mode that requires it.