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Quote from Serris:
Well that's how all weapon arts work, if it's a buff you just press the arts button, if it's an attack you hold it and then attack

It can't be how ALL weapon skills work because I use weapon skills often and none of the weapons I use skills on work that way.
But it's the basic functionality of stuff like Longsword and most active arts I can think of
I guess I use only a handful of weapons and none of them are like that.

I got lothric's holy sword and then when I was done with the transposition, Ludleth had a new option in his menu: 'Transpose Brothers' Swords'. 

I was like WHHHAT?!  I didn't know that if you had both boss weapons from the princes that you could combine them and get the Twin Princes greatsword.  Interesting.
It's yet another DeS reference (Northern Regalia)
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Opium: 2017-12-10 10:52:32 am
MediEvil is getting the remaster treatment.  Stoked.

There's a handful of PS1 games I'd like to see remastered and that's one of them.
I know half the team that worked on that game
Assassin's Creed Blackflag is free for everyone, pick up the best ASSASS game while you can
red chamber dream
that's pretty cool, too bad it's old and i already played it lol
One shall stand, one shall ball.
Black Flag is home to the only good collectable in Asscreed. That being sea shanties.
red chamber dream
man i still love ac ii the most, i should play that again

i won't though because now i'm three games behind in the main series.. been meaning to get back to unity
I heard the newest game coming out is actually like, not bad? Aside from the whole EA DLC microtransaction shitshow with it, I guess the game is apparently 'pretty good' by snobby standards
One shall stand, one shall ball.
I'm liking Asscreed Origins a lot, yeah. Haven't played an Asscreed since the jump to the new consoles but my understanding is I missed nothing. Egypt is cool.
red chamber dream
you know, mario odyssey is kind of like the super mario world of 3d games

it's not something totally brand new, but it introduces a ton of new level/world structures, ideas, and twists to the existing formula so that it feels new
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arkarian: 2017-12-23 01:17:20 pm
red chamber dream
although i'm not sure i think odyssey is better than sunshine. world is way better than 3
world is better than an enormous number of games
3D World did it better
red chamber dream
3d world is super underrated, that's a fun game too
Is it really or is it just because no one played it? It's like my favorite Mario along with 64 and Galaxy 2
If there was an actual console port of 64 DS, all my favorites would be the 2nd attempt at doing the same thing

Better announce Odyssey 2 soon


As long as it's not "50 new groundpound moons for every world!!!" DLC
red chamber dream
maybe it's just that no one's played it, but i've heard even from people who have played it that it was half baked or something

definitely not true if you ask me, but on the other hand it's nowhere close to sunshine or odyssey in my mind. i prefer 3d mario games with open levels that you can explore. it's why galaxy was a huge letdown for me
As someone whose favorite thing in gaming is exploration, I'm not really looking for that in 3D platformers, and I definitely don't want platforming to take a backseat for it. It seems that everyone, even many of the people who make these types of games, now lumps Mario and Rare-type collectathons into the same genre when they really weren't
i love the galaxy games. 3d world is nice, but feels stale
Stale is the last word I'd use to describe it, they introduce a new element in like every level and keep that up throughout
the level design is really straightforward. the galaxy games felt a bit more open and i loved that
and man how i hate that 3d world rehashes the same world types the nsmb games kept recycling over multiple games