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Mega Man X collection, Megaman 11 and all Classic MM games for Switch.

2018 is gonna be wild.
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DJGrenola: 2017-12-04 06:21:40 pm

oh shit son

edit: those clips look pretty promising actually
I'm trying to decide what to do about dragon quest 11, I'll need either a switch or a PS4 to play it I guess
so I'll have to pick a side at some point
I'd get a PS4 so I have an excuse not to play Metroid Prime 4
amazingly, MP4 never even crossed my mind
I mean if we're just talking exclusives, PS4 has ... Bloodborne? I actually don't know any others
I wanted to play dragon quest builders as well and that was PS4 exclusive for a while, but it's getting a switch port too now

I'm still angry they only released it on PS3 in Japan
don't worry, we're not here to play metroid either!
I like turtles.

I just bought RoR on Steam during its sale recently. I will have to try soonso I can see if I'm interested.
cost me 324 hours of my life :(
I'm very curious how you got 324h out of RoR
I like turtles.
Well, I'm pretty sure Poision (or maybe DJ) recommended it to me based on my liking Binding of Isaac, and if it's anywhere close to as addictive as BoI then that wouldn't surprise me.
I mean I played like 40h of RoR, solo and co-op, and I didn't know what else I could possibly get out of it at that point

I got up to like 400h on BoI before the wave fight mode killed my interest
I'm not sure really
I'd probably still be playing it if the most recent patch didn't make the linux version crash half the time

I'm annoyed about that actually, the older version ran fine but because I bought it on steam it auto-updates
Oh did it get a bunch of content? I played it like 3 years ago
I don't think so ... they added those halo-style artifacts at one point

which annoyed me because I was basically already done with the game by then and so I had to go back and find them
they did add a couple of extra characters at one point
mega man 11 looks interesting. as in, more interesting than mega man 9 or 10.
Here we go again.  I STILL can't figure out how to use storm ruler.  I hold the arts button until the sword flashes and is fully charged, but then when I use r1 or r2 it doesn't do the special attack.  Both wikis and a moveset video don't tell me why.
Are you in the charging stance when you press R1?
No.  Thanks.

None of the sources said you had to do that.  The video says to press R1 or R2 but they never said that you had to have L2 held down when you did it.
Well that's how all weapon arts work, if it's a buff you just press the arts button, if it's an attack you hold it and then attack
Got to the credits in Hat in Time. Levels are mostly okay to good with 1 or 2 really great subsections. There's so much variety Banjo stuff and very mild platforming in the beginning that suddenly getting to one of the best 3D platforming sections I've played really catches you offguard. The game's got some really bizarrely stupid and easy to fix camera problems though, and it doesn't help that they apparently took out a bunch of the camera & other options for the console version. Looks like console got the same release version as PC two months ago even though that one's got patches already. Controls are pretty good. It feels unfair to hold other devs to the Mario standard even though it shouldn't be. Other than that there's a lot of visual design I dislike from a gameplay perspective. Having platforms and other stuff you need to land on blend in with the background and too much visual clutter going on happens a lot. Again, every copy Odyssey please, thanks.