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arkarian: 2015-04-12 08:58:38 pm
red chamber dream
you know you love it. if you're caught up, this thread's for all talk up through the latest ep.

guess i'll be back after the s5 premiere.
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Not much to really talk about in this episode, honestly. Just build up of things to come.
red chamber dream
yeah, buildup like crazy i'd say. wish we'd gotten to see more of daenerys!
red chamber dream
i was kind of surprised to see the king beyond the wall killed so soon though

but i guess that's games of thrones heh
Have her dragons gone wild or are they just pissed at her?  They're going to ride them at some point, aren't they?  I base that on an episode where one of the stark kids was reciting a history lesson about a big battle and she named all the different dragons and who rode on each one.  I'm also really happy that Tyrion and Varis are going to go meet Daenerys. It's like 3 characters that aren't wicked are finally going to be in the same room together, yay!

This show is definitely my favorite show. I avoid the books or info outside of the show because I started to read some stuff one day and realized that I could totally ruin the show for me.  I know they aren't following the books totally but there are still spoilers out there that I really don't want.
red chamber dream
i'm the same way. don't want to know anything about the books because i'm enjoying the show's surprises so much

i hope the dragons are just pissed at her. otherwise it seems her story is about over, and that wouldn't be fun
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Opium: 2015-04-13 01:03:12 pm
Well even if they've gone wild it doesn't mean that they can't be broken of it.  I wonder where the third one is.  He flew away (east?) a long time ago and nobody knows what's up with him.  Is something significant happening with that?  hmmmm
red chamber dream
judging by the poster, tyrion might be seeing it soon
He would be like an hors d'oeuvre to one of those dragons lol
red chamber dream
wow, stannis has been growing a favorite of mine, and after that episode he's defitely up there. rooting for him most of all atm.

melisandre too. i always liked her, but she never seemed to get any good plots - until now, it seems. looking forward to finding out more about her.
You've just ensured that they both will die very soon.
red chamber dream
eh, like daenerys they haven't really done anything yet, so i'm not too worried. we'll see though ...
I think Melisandre is actually evil.  She seems so wise and charming, but that wraith thing she gave birth to that killed Renly was totally demonic.  I wouldn't be surprised if she's hiding her true form.
red chamber dream
i hope she is. i love her. totally ready to see her fuck some more shit up

also how awesome was her "you know nothing, jon snow"? definitely more to her than meets the eye.
She's a manipulator that gets into people's heads, like a cult leader.  She's probably going to tell Jon Snow that she can bring back his dead girlfriend (can't remember her name).  If she can get him to believe that then he will do whatever she wants.  She's wicked. 
red chamber dream
is it her or the lord of light though? we don't really know much about her or her religion. hmmm
The 'lord of light' is probably evil, or not even real. Religion is sick.

She's probably just some witch that made it all up.
red chamber dream
i can't wait to find out. i'm on her side atm. she seems to know what's up.
Me too.  I also wanna know more about:

-wtf is up with the White Walkers?  Are they coming?

-wtf is up with The Mountain?  He's still strapped to that table in cersei's doctor's lab. Is he a monster now?  There's a tarp over him so you can't see.

-wtf is up with grayscale?  Are they going to show more people afflicted with it? Does it turn you into another kind of creature?

-wtf is up with The Hound?  Is he dead or not?

-would someone please kill cersei already?  She's a cunt x 10.

-is little finger good or evil?

-is daenerys going to ever let her other dragons out?  I want more dragons, not less.
red chamber dream
dude i love cersei. i want her to go as far as possible. she's hilarious. all the lannisters are hilarious, really.
She's predictable.  I'm tired of her.
I hope Daenerys rides in on Drogon and says 'Drakaris, bitch!' to have cersei torched by dragon fire.
I wanted more dragons, and I got 'em.  I loved some of the scenes from lastnight's episode!
red chamber dream
me too, but damn daenerys might end up being just as crazy as her father
red chamber dream
talk about rash decision making