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How can I edit enemy HP in Fusion without making them invincible?
Hello, i'm new to the whole helix thing and while it seems really easy to use, almost none of the options in the main windows drop downs work, such as the room editor sprite editor and others, including the save button next to the room # in the main screen i dll'ed both the main file and the updated exe i found here : I replaced the exe, helix crashed 1st opening then opened fine afterwards, i'm opening a version of disturbance of 3.5 i believe trying to edit the wall in norfair to bomb blocks or missile blocks but the changes i make in the map aren't saved when i go to play it again. any help would be appreciated, and sorry for posting on a thread that may be dead.
Super Secret Area - Dead Ahead!
Double Helix has no support, and nobody uses it. You may be better off waiting a bit, and using Biospark's new editor once it's done.