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I have another question. Is it possible to move both bosses and upgrades around? Like say, switch the Wide Beam Hard Core with the Mega Core, so that Wide Beam and Varia Suit Upgrades are swapped?

I know I probably sound stupid for asking, but...
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P.JMan: 2009-10-07 02:53:26 pm
I like Big Butts and I can not lie
Hm, I actually think you can swap bosses if you keep the same item order, not using Double Helix though, let me check quickly

EDIT: Well I was wrong, it's item order you can swap, but bosses have to be in the same order
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Ruin: 2009-10-07 03:05:47 pm
Problem is, is I'd like to make the "Emergency in Sector 3" a Hell Run, and I need the upgrades to be swapped, so if I can't do it, that dashes my plans.

Edit: Well, crap. Oh well. Swapping items is still all right, I suppose.
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As far as I know it's fine in Zero Mission, so you could create a hack for that.  It's only Fusion which is (so far) unbreakable.
I think I've seen a few hacks where some things were switched around, like Nightmare replacing the first Hornoad, and they were successful in getting it to work, music and everything.
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Yes, all of the rooms and door connections can be edited, and the enemies, including the bosses, canbe moved.  The problem with hacking Fusion comes with the powerups / events themselves.  It doesn't matter which order you collect things in, you will always activate a certain event, so you could kill one boss, who would normally give you a weapon in the game, but it will unlock doors instead, as the event order is set.
How do you import backgrounds?
Ok, I was playing around with the first room of Brinstar. I decided to put Acid in there, so I put clipdata on Acid, and put all the blocks there. It didn't work. How come? And neither does the Missiles, Super Missiles, Powerbombs, and Energy Tanks, Hell. Nothing works. All I do is walk right through it.
^Are you sure you were using clipdata?
Quote from Pizearke:
^Are you sure you were using clipdata?

Yeah. I'll make a video, hold on.
I just started usin double helix...and my first time to use any hacking device

Wooow..i barely know anything. I load the metroid zero mission rom, and i cant find how to do any of these things
1. How do you view clipdata? I click the checkmark to view it, but i can never find anything
2. How do you set the spawnpoint at the beginning of the game? If i want to start in a different room then normal, what do i do?--I want to start my game in an area like chozodia
3. Is it hard to change or make your own tileset? I really want to make a look of my own :(
4. when im changin a room, do i have to erase everything manually?
theres more, but ill just stick to these questions right now :I
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For questions one and four, I'll just quote myself, as it was only eleven posts ago, and is on the same page as your own. Rolling Eyes

Quote from Quietus:
Once you've opened the ROM, you will have the main window, and the tile selection box.

To draw your room, you can select tiles from the tile selector, or copy tiles from the main screen, and just draw them elsewhere.
To edit the 2nd layer, you need to uncheck View Level Layer on the right, and check Edit Back Layer on the left.  You can then just edit as before.
Once the level has been drawn, then you should look at your Clipdata.  Check the Edit Clipdata box, and then select which Clipdata you wish to use in the box at the bottom.  The most common ones are Air and Block, but you'll also find the items in there, which you place on top of the item tiles to make them collectable.

For editing the doors, you should read the guide that comes with DH.

Good luck.

Please read other people's posts before posting.  This entire thread is only seven pages long, and you could probably learn quite a bit by spending just five minutes reading through it.
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dwarf74: 2009-10-24 08:48:24 pm
lol my bad

I was actually expecting a response kind of like that
I was needin help but me and my family were about to go somewhere and i didnt have time to read the thread
but ty

another problem--this one has probably already been asked and answered, lol
say i've edited the first room a little bit
i want to test it out
how exactly do i save my work?/i click save right below where it says ''clip data:''
I then tried to open my ROM, but i just get a blank white screen
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Are you using the correct ROM?  It should be the (U) version.
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dwarf74: 2009-10-25 05:24:15 pm
well im not exactly sure, since the name of the ROM itself doesn't tell me what version i have
but ill look into finding a different one
saving works( i had wrong ROM, ty :D)

lol my bad, but how exacly do i view it?
I've Checked ''edit clip data'' and ''view clipdata''
did i leave off something? (edit: I somehow managed to get the clipdata box to pop up, tho i dont know how....itd be appreciated to tell me what i was doin wrong for future reference :])

I'm trying to make a full hack
1. Do i have to use the same number of rooms that are originally in the game?
2. Can i make rooms smaller?
3. Although i may be able to change the first room completely in Zero Mission, do i have to have the game start in the first room ''Brinstar Room 0?''
4. How can you connect doors to make a ''tunnel'' within the room, without going into a different room? This is me messing around with and gettin used to DH...I get the doors to LOOK right, but either i walk right through them or i cant open them
and, as you can see, i got junk in the background :( only that section of the room got junked up. How can this be avoided?
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I'll try to answer them all in order:

ROM: Good news.

Viewing Clipdata: When you select 'edit clipdata', and select a type at the bottom, this simply displays all of the tiles on-screen that have this property.  For example, if you have 'Block' selected in the bottom box, and you tick 'view clipdata', it will highlight all of the tiles that are solid 'blocks', by putting white boxes around them.  That's all this does.  It's helpful when checking your rooms, to ensure that you haven't got any 'holes' that allow the player to get stuck, or get outside of the room.

1. No, you do not.  I'm unsure about adding more (can't see why not), but you can certainly use less.
2. Yes, but there usually isn't any need, as you can just zone off areas that you don't need by putting solid 'blocks' around them.  When you put solid 'blocks' (walls / ceilings / whatever) around the part you are building, , and you WANT the player to run through, the player naturally won't be able to pass these 'blocks'.
3. Unsure, but I don't think so.
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dwarf74: 2009-10-25 05:22:19 pm
lol look back at my last post, i have another question

btw thanks for puttin up with me lol
ur teh best :p

i was just flat out frustrated with this when i first started, but know i can actually do stuff its freagin addicting 0.0

...tho i still have a LOT to learn.. :i
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I believe they only work properly if placed next to a door transition.  The closest you may get will be to use the brownish tunnel pieces without doors on the ends.
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dwarf74: 2009-10-26 06:50:55 pm
Quote from Quietus:
I believe they only work properly if placed next to a door transition.  The closest you may get will be to use the brownish tunnel pieces without doors on the ends.

AWWWW,,,that sucks :i
I like seeing doors in the middle of the room in some of the super metroid hacks.  Maybe Interdepth will fix this later (doesn't matter, i know its probably time consuming)
Perhaps i could just set the colored part of the door as a shootable block: For red doors, i could make each colored part of the door a shootable missle block, for example. :D ya as long as i can do that, im no longer disappointed

another thing ive been wondering
In Chozodia, there is a room that has a long tube that you run through and you can kind of see outside. Once you get power bombs, you can blow up this glass tube to go back to other areas of the game with the gravity suit/space jump
hopefully you can understand what im talking about
Can the part of the tube that shatters be...edited?
Like, can i move this part around..Make it vertical, make it bigger, or put it in other rooms?
I wasn't going to start working with it for quite a while, but i was starting to form plans with it if i can work it out.

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Blarget2: 2009-10-26 06:34:07 pm
ok well here.....

1st put down the "blocks" of the doors like you did in the picture
2nd then select each on individually and  change it to a air block.

simple enough? (don't mess with the opening part of the door.)

edit: wrong tread, sorry i thought he ment super metroid hacking.
this thread deserves more posts/pages
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It does, but not pointless ones with bad grammar. Read the rules and follow 'em.
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dwarf74: 2009-10-26 10:04:05 pm
ive used good grammar throughout most of my posts :/ i do get lazy at times though

ill remember through the rest
dont worry ill edit this for my next question later
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Quote from dwarf74:
I've used good grammar throughout most of my posts. :/ I do get lazy at times, though.

I'll remember through the rest.
Don't worry -  I'll edit this for my next question later.

Spot the difference, and you'll see what Acheron is on about.

As for you suggesting that this thread needs more life, there are a number of reasons that it doesn't have it:

1. Interdpth is no longer working on Double Helix. (As far as I'm aware, anyway - he's already released the source code)
2. A few people - myself included - have stopped using it, as we have come across some bugs that are very hard to work around.
3. No full hacks have been created yet.  This is THE biggest thing for getting hacking noticed.  Without wishing to blow any more smoke up Drewseph's backside: Even though it wasn't the first hack released, Redesign introduced a whole host of people to hacking, simply because of its size and execution.
I do know exactly what acheron is talking about, so no worries

well, i had no idea interdepth just completely stopped working on it...that sucks :(
hearing about the bugs makes me kind of nervous
I was planning on attempting a great hack, being a game besides SM
ive barely known any of this stuff because posting on this thread was my first time here.
I'm still going to try to make a hack; it's worth a shot i guess