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Use \ before commas in usernames
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You say you know what I'm talking about, yet I still feel like I'm reading an IRC parsing...
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dwarf74: 2009-10-26 10:49:51 pm
How? :/ Am i writing too simply?
as long as people know what im saying, it shouldnt really matter
I need to know exactly what you're talking about.. Im confused at this point
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If you've used IRC before, it should make sense; if not, well, maybe that's a good sign? I'm not sure any more myself.

basically it just really seems lazy to type like this
as though your period key and apostrophe key and shift key are all broken or something
and like youre using a chat client instead of a forum

You don't have to be perfect, by any means... but your posts will be a lot more pleasant if you could cut down on the i-chat thing. Anyway, I'm not gonna ban you for it, and I'm derailing the thread; I'll leave it up to you and we can get back on-topic.
i was waiting for him to point out the periods before i posted.

periods makes everything make sense. -Blarget2 quoted 07 form the forums.
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dwarf74: 2009-10-26 11:48:37 pm
(wow,periods)Welp, this is an easy adjustment. This is just the first forum where I've been asked to actually think about how i talk. Expect the next few posts to show my improvement and get this thread back on topic :) By the way, i've never even heard of IRC before until now.
Sorry about this :o
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Totally cool. Two things about me:

-Don't take me too seriously
-If you mess up I will totally forget unless you mess up all the time

So yeah, carry on.
I dont care for the bugs; I'm going to keep trying to make a hack for this game, ill just try and try to work around things. I so badly want to see amazing hacks turn up for this game in the future :(. SOOOOO...say I want to clear out all contents already in the first room of the game. Is there a fast way to do this?
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Have you looked through the menu?

Room Tools > Room Options

You can then clear any layer by clicking its button on the left.
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dwarf74: 2009-10-28 06:38:40 pm

I posted this picture just on the last page. See all that stuff in the background? that's junk that i didn't put there myself...Is there a way to fix it? Or is this one of the things that cause you to quit using DH and is to hard to work around?
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Can you not just clear the relevant layer?  Otherwise I don't know, I'm afraid.  I never used DH much.
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dwarf74: 2009-10-28 07:45:16 pm
Well, I dunno. Im going to have to experiment quite a bit i guess. Like i said, I'm not going to let this stop me  extra_smug there anyone that's known to have made a full hack for this game that might know a lot of stuff? You've been a big help( much, much thanks :D), it's just that since you haven't used it a lot, i might have questions that are really weird to answer later on  Embarassed

How do i remove enemies?
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There are, to date, no full hacks for ZM/Fusion.
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dwarf74: 2009-10-28 08:35:08 pm
Wow, that stinks. I'm guessing it's because of troubles and stuff with DH? Is there anybody out there that you guys know of that might be able to help me with advanced stuff later on? I feel kinda bad for getting Quietus to answer all of my 100+ questions Shocked

..ahhh! wow! I just made a stupid :( My problem with turns out i did it myself and i didn't notice i put it there.(just ignore the image i posted earlier.) I was using solid black blocks to help reference things while i was editing. I forgot i had done that, and when i went to test the game random black boxes were everywhere. I had to look really, really closely at the DH map to see that i had put those there because of the background. I currently have no problems :D
Edit: ugh, once this was fixed, i got real junk. :( back to the same situation. Perhaps using less sprites could help this?

I wonder if the first room is just whacked out? It forces the game to start with certain music and pallets, so maybe it just creates weird things?....:( I dont understand the scroll edit either
I like ZM/MF hacking more than super metroid (Because I'm more used to DH). I plan on making a full hack someday.

Could somebody help me with... *gets screenshot*

How would one make that sprite look normal?
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dwarf74: 2009-10-31 12:20:17 am
EYY :D another DH user. Would you happen to know exactly how the scroll system or editing works? Sorry, i dont know how to answer your problem though.

Is something wrong with the first room, or am i doing something wierd? I'm not through with my room(as you can see), but whenever i get pretty far into finishing it random spots and wierd stuff comes up.

See those yellow spots around me? I dont know how to get rid of stuff like that :(
EDIT: I found out what my problem was; no need to answer this.
It's no problem. I'm making this hack mostly for myself.

As for scroll... Click edit scroll, uncheck stuff like "Edit clipdata" and "Level layer". Then on the drop down menu next to the clipdata menu, choose which piece of scroll you want to use. You can use right click to edit the dimensions of the scroll.

Honestly, I just figured that out. I experimented a bit because you asked that. Thanks for asking that! *needed to know that*
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dwarf74: 2009-10-29 09:00:50 pm
does anyone know what exactly the file "ZMBGi.ips'' does? It comes in the DH download bundle, and there aren't any details on it that i saw. Does it need to be applied (I just did, but i dont know what affects it has.)
And what exactly is the options for "copy clip data", "copy level layer", and "copy backlayer" do? I'm just clueless.

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Pizearke: 2009-10-29 08:48:49 pm
I've never used those, actually. I don't know what ZMBGi does, but I know it's not necessarily required. Don't delete it, though. I'll check it out later.

EDIT: The patch isn't very big. Open it in a hex editor, it's 10 lines.
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Quote from dwarf74:
does anyone know what exactly the file "ZMBGi.ips'' does?

From DH's help file:

- Importing BG3 Images -
Using the Edit Scenery button, you can import custom images into the BG3 (the background of the room). First, you need to get yourself an image, which must be exactly 256x256, 256x512, or 512x256 pixels. Next, make sure you have ZMBGi.ips and FreeImage.dll in your Double Helix directory. With the room you want your picture in open, click Edit Scenery, then click on the Edit Background button. Click Import Background Picture, then select the image size on the right with the correct radio button. Choose your file, click OK, then click Save to ROM if the file works correctly.

If you want better answers, you're probably better off joining #jzd.

Again, from the helpfile:

If you have a problem that isn't answered in this file or DH Hex Help, join #jzd on the server with an IRC client.
Is there any way to figure out what number a room is? Sometimes I have trouble finding some.
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Not that I'm aware of, but I did find it was quicker to select a room from the list, and then while the selection box is still highlighted, just scroll with the cursor keys.  It was a darned sight quicker that using the mouse.
Would it be stupid if I edited a map to have the values on each room? Because I'll do that.
Whenever you import an image, does it always look so bad? if i insert an actual image, it will sometimes say there aren't enough repeating tiles. When it works, and i test it in game, it looks all crappy because the tiles seem all out of whack. Do i need to draw something myself that will actually suit the game?

And how can i edit backgrounds that are already in the game?
I think you can just extract the background, edit it in Paint, GIMP, Photoshop, or whatever floats your boat, then replace.
lol new update in first post.

Dwarf plz to be having at max like 32 colors in your pic, k?