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interdpth: 2009-11-07 08:49:12 pm

But for the rest, here's the latest release of Double Helix, pics are after the link. This(It's all the support files)
Then grab Replace the one in the zip with this

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ducknerd: 2008-10-18 07:18:55 pm
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No need to hate on the SM hackers, this looks spectacular. Once I get my current hack done with I'll be picking this up for sure. What with the Power Grip, lower jump heights, and no one-wall wall jump, the ZM engine has a lot more potential for interesting level design; it gets a bit difficult after a while to create SM room designs when an accomplished player can crawl all over whatever  obstacles you create.

EDIT: Urk, was thinking of Fusion for some reason.
DH edits Fusion as well, just in case you didn't know.

Also, any changes you make to palettes and GFX will show up in DH, including sprites, which, as Jathys tells me, is an aspect in which DH exceeds SMILE.

Lin on #jzd has also helped me write a guide to this, but since P.JMan is being a slacker and not writing stuff on area connections and the Fusion unknown values in the sprite stat editor, it's not finished yet.
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this looks good.
i might try Double helix later :)

i have to ask, how many files are open in the pics  laugh new
Interdpth put version 1.0 of the help file up on his site, so I'll post it here.

It has no info on the unknowns in the Fusion section of the stat editor, nor area connections.
Question: Is this more like Lunar Magic or SMILE in the way it finds space in the ROM?

Either way, this looks really nice. I've downloaded it, and someday I'll start experimenting with it.
I don't know, it just finds it for you =p

So LM I guess?
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I downloaded it and a rom of Zero Mission but whenever I try to open the rom with Helix, it's says it's incompatible.
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It could be because it's designed for another version, so check which you have.  I'm not sure what versions are available for Zero Mission, but it's usually J, U, and E, or a combination thereof.  I'm not sure which version you require for DH; perhaps interdpth can clarify?

Other than that, check if it's a clean ROM, which is usually denoted by an exclamation mark in its name, I believe.
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It's the european version, and has the! in it's name grrr
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You need the (U) version
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Gonna check it out when i get home
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Dudes, I would like to see this thread be as big as the SMILE Help Thread some day. I know we all love SM, but Fusion/ZM hacks are far too uncommon.
I like Big Butts and I can not lie
DH doesn't need help, it's too good :p
Were there really all that many SM hacks before Redesign was released? I think what we need is for a couple of excellent Fusion/Zero Mission hacks to come out, and interest should skyrocket.

Really, when I first looked into the SMILE Help Thread around a year ago, it was only 20 some pages.
I like Big Butts and I can not lie
* P.JMan should get back to working on his hack :p
Ok, this is a help topic right. Let me ask questions about DH.

Ok I have been experimenting with this quite a while now and I need

At the start, I put some lava in and it works fine but the pallete is
like a screwed dark red colour. How can I change it so its proper lava?
ASM, or just press start after the level loads.
For whatever reason, during the intro, the game forcibly loads certain music and BG palettes for the first room. It wouldn't be impossible to fix that, but unless you're willing to spend quite a bit of time in a debugger, I would just leave it be.

You could also try changing the tileset in the Header Editor, but I don't really think that would work.
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interdpth: 2008-10-27 01:35:28 pm
I got it done for Origins, I just need to fix if you die. XD, I may release the patch later.

And for the next release of origins

We have this baby, no, it's far from complete but it's pure awesome!

It may not look "hard" but really i'm reading the image, then converting it to GBA formats tiles, palette, map, then converting it to DoubleHelix's inside format  and displaying it's not that easy XD
It'd be grand if you could put the images in this thread in spoilers...

That background importer looks really incredible, though. I can't wait to see it in action.
New release is Wednesday I think maybe earlier. :)

Unsane gets first copy though.
Hhaahah, bump

Election Day release!

I like Big Butts and I can not lie
You can't bump a sticky, it's a written rule :) Looking good btw, seems to work perfectly for the most part, I'm gonna keep experimenting...
hey...i'm new to double helix.....and seems really great  extra_smug doesn't seem to work when i do it....when i place an e-tank or missile tank or get rid of or add acid and blocks....the samus sprite just goes right through these things and it doesn't give her the items or affect her at all...she just walks past em... Eh?
i had it set to edit level layer (i think it's the layer that the sprites are on)
does anyone know what's wrong with this? thanks a ton!