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Better yet, be an adult with a GOOD job and no kids.  Then you can have the good shit.  My shit only impresses other poor people.
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I guess that means i'm poor XD
yes, it does.  lol    But look at the bright side.  You're supposed to be poor when you're a teen.  Otherwise you're almost guaranteed to be an asshole as an adult.
Who the hell isn't impressed by a sealed Metroid Prime GameCube bundle
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I need to get a new copy of prime trilogy. My brother ruined my copy of it
About that....

Is it still 'sealed' if it was opened just to verify the contents?
damn.  well the copy of Prime that's inside the box is still sealed :P
Is it unpatched though
Quote from zeldacia3:
I need to get a new copy of prime trilogy. My brother ruined my copy of it

I got an extra one but I'm planning on being buried with all this stuff, so...
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Opium: 2017-09-18 04:15:06 pm
Quote from Serris:
Is it unpatched though

Good question.  How do you tell without looking at the disc?

I have three copies total.  One I bought on launch day and I know that's a 0-0 copy.  I have a later one that isn't 0-0 but it's not player's choice.  And I have the sealed one in the bundle.
Probably depends on when you got the bundle
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anyone else get a keychain with samus returns?
No.  I hate gamestop and I'd rather chew glass than give them my money.
They used to have good schwag.
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Europe got all the good stuff for this game >.>
Loving this 'full game discussion'  lol
Staying on-topic is for nerds
So is working, which is supposed to be what I'm doing right now.  Instead I'm getting high and farting around online.
I'm on a conference call.  Every couple of minutes I just take off the mute button and say 'OK'. 
my guide is here!
OK I'm kind of confused about something.  I don't normally care about this kind of thing, but did the Chozo create the metroid species on SR388, or discover it?

I thought they discovered them.  Then I read in a few places that they MADE them.  Now the guide says they discovered them.  wth
Metroids were engineered to eradicate the X so ... nice guide
red chamber dream
i feel like that's something that got retconned later
Later as in after Fusion?