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Which makes the second phase a complete joke.
I was only trolling with the second line to distract from the horrible opinion in the first line
Samus Lauren
Don't play games with my heart, serris. :(

Also no the first time I fought diggernaut I didn't know I could use spider ball to NOT get sucked up, so I was constantly running to space jump my way up into the corner. It was a nightmare of control fenangling.
There's a super missile block that I still can't figure out a purpose for.

It's right after you kill all the metroids in area 5 and break the chozo seal.
After the purple liquid (couldn't they have come up with a more creative name?) is lowered, it's down and to the right. You have to shoot diagonally past a couple of red spikes with a super missile to hit it.  But why?  I can't figure out what it's for. All it does is let you unmorph in a place where you couldn't before, and from there there's nothing you can do.  Why is it even there?  What am I missing?

I'm trying to keep an eye out for places where the power bomb boost will aid a speed run.  It has to be more useful than for just getting a couple of upgrades.  it's sadly the only boost capability in the game.  There's gotta be a couple of places where you can use it to get through a large room quickly.
Pretty sure the block lets you progress? Unless I'm thinking of a different one
Quote from Idkbutlike2:
Did you know that you could avoid getting sucked up by him by using the spiderball?

All the later tough guys have a *trick* that makes them easy (except Ridley I think?) Like, I struggled to beat Zeta/Omega/Queen until I got the hang of parrying or spotting the grapple beam opportunity. I didn't do the Queen belly bomb trick I've seen mentioned on here, anyone got a vid of it?

My biggest gripe with the game is that they introduce the melee parry way too early, then the whole game is chock full of either the bats that lunge at you or the leggy tooth things (hornroads?) lunging at you. It makes the combat a bit repetitive. In the later areas, you fight levelled up versions of the enemies from the very start of the game. Shoulda jazzed it up more.

I agree that d-pad control would have been nice, coz the aeion powers would be ok if you activated them on touch screen. In fact, the best control scheme imo would be:
-aeion on touchscreen
-d-pad movement
-circle pad for free aim, no shoulder button
-now the L- and A-buttons can do something else

Quote from arkarian:
much like retro studios! ;)

You're totally right! I don't think Retro have put out a bad game, and that's probably thanks to Nintendo's short leash on their dev studios. I love the story of Miyamoto - who loves first-person games but has never been able to make one - turning up at Retro and saying "do it first person". That was maybe the last time Ninty were REALLY innovative with their old IPs until BotW.

As ever, Other M baffles me and I can't believe it happened. Sakamoto clearly has some agenda to make Metroid one of those cinematic games and I guess that philosophy just kind got away from them?

...anyway WOOO Samus Returns is amazing!
If by trick you just mean getting in the belly, you can just roll inside after a parry and lay bombs and pbombs. You'll be taking damage inside though so use Lightning Armor. Would've been nice to have in the original!
Amateur Speedrunner, Roleplayer
If you take damage from it then maybe i shouldn't do it in hard mode and just shoot super missiles into her mouth instead
The damage just tickles the Lightning Armor, I was able to go into the belly three times with no e-tanks
Amateur Speedrunner, Roleplayer
i hate those bugs that blow up when you get near them. they do so much damage
Lightning Armor is the answer to everything
Amateur Speedrunner, Roleplayer
Apparently XD. That and beam burst
I think my favorite feature of this game is grabbing low ledges
Amateur Speedrunner, Roleplayer
Just got to the queen. she didn't give me too much trouble on normal but this may be a different story. But it's Ridley I'm most worried about
Ridley is tough but there's nothing he does that's impossible to dodge. The Queen sometimes does a headbutt thing right up against the right-hand wall and, if there's a way to dodge that, I couldn't find it.
You just space jump into the upper right corner
Samus Lauren
I can go through the Ridley fight almost unscathed if I time it right and Dodge his fireballs. Honestly I still think the diggernaut was harder because of time and endurance. Also yes, I used lightning armor for EVERY boss fight. I'd be there before the door on the omega Metroid making sure my ice beam was on and my lightning armor was selected lol. I can't believe this game does so much damage that you need an invincible bar to get through parts of it.
Quote from Serris:
You just space jump into the upper right corner

I'm sure I tried that tho ??? I must just suck if people are completing it 0% lol
I did it dozens of times, just don't drop too low
I've noticed that you can press space jump more rapidly in this game. 
Amateur Speedrunner, Roleplayer
Has anyone here been able to get the suitless ending yet?
Amateur Speedrunner, Roleplayer
I just found out the normal beam affects Ridley. I thought you had to charge the beam for it to damage him because that's the way it was in Super, Fusion, and Zero Mission
Amateur Speedrunner, Roleplayer
Can you melee counter Ridley at any point?
Pretty sure it's only once at the start of the last two phases or something, it's a forward lunge
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Amateur Speedrunner, Roleplayer
Doesn't he do that after the baby metroid attacks him? I only ever remember him lunging after that during phase 3