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red chamber dream
here are all the taiga forum shortcut keys:

press your browser's access key or keys along with one of the keys
below to activate a keyboard shortcut.

S	open post box / submit post
W	close post box
I	load the forum subtitle link target
H	load index view
M	load private view
L	show/hide the userlist
U	load unread view
T	view unread posts in tabs
F	open the search box
[	load the next page of a topic
]	load the previous page of a topic
B	load the first page of a topic
E	load the last page of a topic

access keys:
firefox (windows)	- shift-alt
firefox (mac)		- ctrl
internet explorer 8	- alt
safari (windows)	- alt
safari (mac)		- ctrl-option
opera (windows)		- shift-esc
opera (mac)		- shift-esc
chrome			- alt

this list can also be found here. if you don't like any of the shortcuts, don't worry. they'll be completely customizable soon.
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red chamber dream
for some reason certain access keys aren't working in firefox for mac os x: ctrl-b and ctrl-e to load the first and last pages, respectively, of topics/boards apparently does nothing. however ctrl-[ and ctrl-] for previous and next page work fine, as does ctrl-f (open the search box). i thought at first they needed to be capitalized in the code itself, but that doesn't appear to be the case since f works but e and b do not. i'll look into this more, as i swear b and e used to work fine.
I'm using IE8, and all of the shortcuts except open post box either don't do anything or scroll up a little.  The URL shows up at the bottom like I'm hovering the pointer over a link, but nothing else happens.
red chamber dream
there's nothing i can do about that unfortunately. i'm simply using the html attribute accesskey="b", for example. then it's up to the browser to make it work.

that said, when i tested in ie8 (windows 7) they worked fine. i'll try again later today.