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I dunno, I think Ozymandias was the better episode overall.

Anyway, I think I'll unstatic this topic. Doesn't look like it turned into the quasi-chatroom I had hope for. Oh well.
red chamber dream
well, i don't use my phone during episodes lol
red chamber dream
but we can keep it as a general bb thread
Yeah, can you reformat it as such? I think there's still room for discussion here.
I'll edit the OP a bit.
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once the emmys are over i will

was this a static thread? i can't tell because i'm on my phone
you can make threads that use chat mode by default without making them static
This was a static thread, yeah. I forgot how to use chat mode lol.
Alright, turned it off.
red chamber dream
so, the most interesting thing about that episode for me was the very end, when he was watching gretchen and what's-his-name in tv. wonder if they're going to ply some part in the finale, or if they were just there to serve as a way to provoke walt into taking action back home. obviously, we know he's going back to abq, so i'm wondering who he plans to kill.
I'm predicting a flashback at the start of the last episode to the founding of that company and there being some symbolic connection between that event and the events of the episode...

Well, either that or the show's gonna pull a Breaking Bad and completely shock me with how it all ends.
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woo bb won the emmy
Yeah, didn't see that coming, amirite?
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i really didn't. it had never won before, and it got shafted for almost every other award tonight.


One shall stand, one shall ball.
Walt taking his M60 to Elliot's place would actually be pretty great.
One shall stand, one shall ball.
Also god do I fucking hate Todd. Fucking Todd.
red chamber dream
how cool was it btw to hear the full theme song at the end of that ep
One shall stand, one shall ball.
So cool. I love that twangy guitar.
One shall stand, one shall ball.
It also played into a nice little bit with Walt pretty much giving up on all of it, realizing he's lost everything he worked for but then FUCK THAT HEISENBERG'S GOT SHIT TO CLEAN UP.
red chamber dream

gahhh this scene is so perfect!
red chamber dream
also everyone probably knows this already but the last ep is called felina, an anagram of finale, plus fe-li-na = iron-lithium-sodium = blood-meth-tears

plus also felina means cat and also sounds feminine to me, so i'm wondering if it could have anything to do with lydia ... surely she's going to get what's coming to her in the finale
One shall stand, one shall ball.
I hope Jesse breaks out again, kills Lydia in front of Todd before strangling Todd with his bare hands. Like that two handed Homer Simpson throat crush.
red chamber dream
btw tbob you definitely should check out the show veep ... julia louis-dreyfuss won the emmy last night for her performance and it really is one of the funniest fucking shows i've ever seen

in her acceptance speech she did a bit with tony hale, who plays her press assistant on the show, where he was standing behind her feeding her lines of what to say:

Almost happy
It's amazing that this close to the end, with all that has happened and all that still needs to happen, they can still pull of an episode that plays out so slow and measured. Like we spend a quarter of the episode with Walt and Vacuum cleaner guy doing nothing much in particular, and Jesse makes an attempt to escape that leads nowhere but him being pushed even further into despair, and it's all so incredibly good. The final sequence is perfect. With Jr. refusing to accept his money and wishing him dead he had finally lost everything, everything he worked for, everything he loved, everything except for that pride which led to the beginning of this story and will now lead towards its end.

Also Todd is the creepiest scariest dude on the show by far. Jesus Christ.
One shall stand, one shall ball.
red chamber dream

yeah poor huell ;(