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Discuss the frankly amazing series Breaking Bad here. As a word of caution to new viewers, this thread is probably gonna be spoilers galore, so be on the lookout for those.
Thread title: 
What'd you say?
Clever title is clever.
Eh, took it from a funny YT vid.
One shall stand, one shall ball.
Just popping in to say fuck your time zone.
did you not realize that all threads update in real time? unless you wanted the smaller posts
Smaller posts were the idea.
red chamber dream
oh my god robert forster - so awesome! he's perfect for the vacuum guy role
Where else is he from again?
red chamber dream
jackie brown is where i've seen him - he's done a ton of shit though
Ah. I didn't recognize him, really.
Nice touch with the noisy ambience.
Poor Skyler's in deep shit atm.
Oh no, do not tell me.
lol Todd, stop trying to hit on Lydia.
red chamber dream
todd is such a creep haha

and DAMN that must have been a sucky ride for walt
Here come the King of the Hill jokes.
Wow, what a bunch of monsters.
red chamber dream
jeeeeesus todd is fucking merciless
red chamber dream
wow cranston got snubbed for best actor at the emmy's ... oh well, maybe next year
red chamber dream
but anna gunn won, so it's all good
Who got best actor?
Ah, Jeff Daniels.
Well, this is gonna erupt next week. Holy shit.
red chamber dream
god damn i REALLY loved that episode. one of my favorites of the entire series and better than everything else this season