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thank you
actually I tried pitch correcting it (this isn't on the final track) and it's the spookiest thing to hear that effect on your own voice
I like turtles.
Heehee, great track.
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Idkbutlike2: 2012-02-27 04:49:13 pm
Heh, yeah, you should definitely make that the closing track. It seems best for that kind of thing.
I like turtles.
man you're totally caning out 14 tunes even though you started a week late, bravo
DJG, you have some serious slap bass chops.
Also loving the chords on the housey jazz track.
Quote from TheGreenManalishi:
DJG, you have some serious slap bass chops.

haha thanks. I won't pretend I did that first take.
I like turtles.
and that's fourteen, folks.
You seem to have the music writing skills that I'd kill for. We should collaborate must. acquire. slap bass stemsVery Happy
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Turtle: 2012-02-28 07:42:32 pm
I like turtles.
So, wait, was the extra half of a song just a joke, or something...?

Because unless I'm actually supposed to do another "half" a song, I win.
red chamber dream
would be funny to write a full song with all kinds of cool stereo effects and remove one of the channels before posting it
Good job Chewy and Turtle. Applause