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I like turtles.
Finally found a good chunk of time in which I could get a song done.
red chamber dream
so of course there's no way i'm going to be able to write an entire album, but i think i've finally got a little song going here. it's very hard for me to write music, but maybe i'll finish by the end of the month!

yall's latest have been great btw.
go ark go

not my finest hour, but time makes fools of us all.
I like turtles.
Another one done, while I should've been doing a reading assignment.
And another.
red chamber dream
sounds like it could be on the soundtrack for the game ghost trick ... it's got lots of jazzy stuff like that
red chamber dream
did you record the drums yourself?
I did but they've been heavily edited for timing and general spazziness
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arkarian: 2012-02-16 06:33:08 pm
red chamber dream
i hear ya

i'm doing all of mine in guitar pro because i think if i actually tried to play/used garageband instruments it would take forever
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Turtle: 2012-02-17 09:47:19 pm
I like turtles.
I'm in the process of finishing done with the first song of my album that just doesn't have as "right" a feel to it as my others so far.  Still doesn't suck, though (I think), and I can't afford to be as picky as I usually am with this.
I don't blow, I suck!
I like all the sound effects in that one. They go along pretty well with the drums and keyboards in the background.
You should try some "broken beat" jazz next time. Something like 4hero's stuff from the album 2 Pages.
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Idkbutlike2: 2012-02-20 06:59:05 pm
Heh, I knew you'd have have fun with that one. Breakbeats are awesome.
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Turtle: 2012-02-21 12:33:28 am
I like turtles.
Yeaaaah, this was more of an experiment than a pretense of knowing what I was doing.  Repetitive and bordering on too-dissonant-for-my-taste, but I guess I've written worse.  Not even sure how much it counts as "Ambient," let alone "Dark Ambient."  Never been good with genre distinctions, anyway.
rapidly running out of steam

I like turtles.
Same here.  :(


Reminds of me this... kind of.
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Turtle: 2012-02-26 10:31:09 pm
Turtle: 2012-02-25 10:06:04 pm
I like turtles.



Maybe not as low on "steam" as I thought...
I like turtles.
Haha, ultra repetitive, pretty much exclusively I, IV, and V chords, I am a horrible, horrible person.
so I'm not listing this on FAWM yet because I want it to be the last track in the list, and it's not my greatest vocal performance, but it might amuse:

red chamber dream
hah that was awesome. not how i expected your singing voice to sound, you did a fine job.