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Well I love Samus 'caus shes one of my favourite charicter from any game but I like the look of Trace, but in Combat, either Noxus or Spire
Sylux, good Alt Form and Shock Coil :P
fav character? spire (weird fishy atack in alt form :D)
and weavel (halfturret rules :D)
weavel all the way!
i love half turret cos i can drop my turret,go behind them and do double damage
I don't have this game, but the coolest hunters IMO is by far Trace and Noxus.
Agent Heart
Right on. Those are my faves, too, especially Noxus, since his alt can put up a 'force field' for triskys and lockjaws AND can put up a good death trap with the Judicator. I would use Sylux, but I'm not so good with the Lockjaw.
I like Spire the most with the grenade launcher fireball thing. His alt form is awesome cos you can climb on walls with it, especially on headshot. Speaking of which, he is really hard to headshot... no fps doug for you!!
trace and sylux hands down

im a sniper in all the games i play

and sylux is just so fun to use but shock coil is kinda cheap

and of course samus is #1 but in hunters she is ranked 6-10 not enofe power ups and shes the bigist alt spamer
Wow. That was one hell of a bump.
Noxus, for what it's worth.
P.S. T'wasn't me who bumped it! please don't ban me aiwebs_016
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That... wasn't even a bump. A bump is when you post in a topic that hasn't had a response for over one month.
Really? I've always counted a bump as a topic that's just quite old, like this.
T'was almost a month, anyway.
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That was only about 17 days. It's counted as a bump at 4 weeks. (that's when you get the warning message before posting)
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Quote from Phazon Yoshi:
Really? I've always counted a bump as a topic that's just quite old, like this.

Doesn't really matter how you count it, it's how it's counted in the forum rules.
Trace and Triskelion, also i love his affinity weapon :D
Noxus all the way. But, here is my list of all the order:

1st favourite: Noxus
2nd favourite: Trace
3rd favourite: Kanden
4th favourite: Samus Aran
5th favourite: Weavel
6th favourite: Sylux
Last favourite: Spire

I totally hate Spire. I reckon he sucks. Don't take that too seriously, Spire lovers.
Spire and Kanden. I like to be different, and they're very effective if you can keep at the right range.
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-Achilles-: 2007-12-17 09:41:02 am
Samus Aran.  shes my fav. hunter to use because I can run over other hunters  laugh new.

plus using samus' heat-sinking missles gives me at least 1 kill each game.

morph ball is also easier to reach the deathhalt, exept when using sylux's alt. all the other hunters go a slower pace.  it depends on the place too or if you focus on getting health first.

(useing Trace in Headshot I figured out is the best way to reach Deathalt, having recently played as trace in alt-form from spawn to death in a battle game with 3-star bots)
It really depends on the arena and type of game.  Nodes, either Weavel or Spire.  If you go to High Ground, EVER, use Spire.  Alt form and roll up to the ledge on the main pillar.  Unmorph, and you're at the Imp.  Amazing isn't it.  Prime Hunter, use Trace, Spire, or Sylux.  Nice damage-dealing weapons.  Overall, I use Sylux, because his alt form is the fastest of them all, and the Shock Coil is the best weapon there is (next to the Omega Cannon) when used correctly and with skill.  If you're just starting out, you'll probably want Samus, because of her missiles' homing capability.  If you know what your doing, use Noxus, because he can be deadly in the right hands, and his alt form is WAAY underestimated.  Trace is good for people who like to stand off to the side and shoot people who don't know where you are.  I only like him because of his alt form, but I occasionaly use him in places like Alinos Gateway, Alinos Perch, and Council Chamber.  Kanden is a character that comes up behind people, distorts their vision, and bombs the heck out of them.  I don't like him.  But that's my opinion. 
My fav characters is Samus Aran and Sylux, I also play with Trace and Weavel. Sylux is good because he has small head and you can use traps with lockjaw. Samus is good because she has fast alt-form and she got homing missiles. Trace has fast alt-form too. Im not good at Weavel, but I like to play with him, he got nice affinity weapon.
I've gotta say it's Spire. Nothing compares to setting someone else on fire! If you can stay close to your opponents, his alt form is DEVASTATING! I also like Weavel in modes like capture. The halfturret is near invincible at full health. I suppose I'm just good with heavy weapons!

I suppose I have to give the others a bit of credit, though. Samus is a well-rounded character. Noxus is annoying to other players once you grab the judicator, and his alt form is more likely to send someone off a cliff than to kill them. Trace's alt form is really powerful...provided you don't launch yourself off a platform in the process. A friend of mine lost a lot matches on harvester all because I jumped at the last second. Sylux is nice, too, with the Lockjaw's tripwire and shock coil and whatnot. And Kanden...I guess I don't have anything really nice to say about him. I find his alt form a bit cheap, considering its maneuverability and its homing bombs.
Super Secret Area - Dead Ahead!
Unfortunately, he's no longer a playable character, having died of old age since the thread was last posted in. Razz
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54747908563: 2010-03-20 01:51:59 pm
here is my fav characters in order and why:
1. Trace, His skills are so awesome (you might have seen user "TraceTheKriken" that's me, and you really see what's my fauvorite^^, but in youtube "TraceTheKriken" isn't mine)
2. Sylux, Shock Coil's ability and alt form's "Triangle Trap"
3. Noxus, Judicator can freeze everyone on ground in front of him if you shoot charaged shot down
4. Kanden, Volt Driver's charaged shot (I also heared that Kanden cannot get "burn" status from Magmaul; don't know is it true)
5. Samus, Seeker Missiles and Morph Ball's "Crazy Bomber" style (use Boost Ball and Bombs crazily around others)
6. Spire, can walk in lava ;)
7. Weavel, I don't like his weapon and his alt form S*cks... seriously everyone can easily damage his turret without getting damage and when turret is gone you have only 1 hp left