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Armor Guardian
I found this game on another forum and feel compelled to post it here.

Game website: http://zarat.us/tra/offline-games/eversion.html
Direct download link: http://zara.verge-rpg.com/eversion.zip

esc - Go to title menu (you can revisit any stage that you've played)
p - Pause
z - Jump
x - "Evert"

The goal of the game is to "rescue the princess" (yawn), but the real challenge lies in getting all of the gems. The main draw of the game is the ability of your character to "everse" between different worlds (sorta like Zelda 3) when at a specific spot. You can tell you're at an eversion point when the background color changes. The differences between the worlds are not only cosmetic, but also effect things like block properties and enemy placement, making the game sort of puzzly.

Just a note of caution: To me, this game is very reminiscent of Sunsoft's NES titles, in that it's deceptively kid-friendly exterior hides a nerve-racking and nightmarishly difficult interior. I found it to be quite short (only 7/8 levels) and manageably difficult, but I know that some of you won't have the nerves to complete this game (things start heating up about halfway through). Still, I found it fun, but it's definitely not for everyone.
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Sounds like a similar mechanic to the material and ethereal planes in the Legacy of Kain games. I'm willing to give it a shot.
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The princess was really cute. Wink  I presume there's an alternate ending for acquiring all of the collectables?

Level 7 was a cakewalk after the few before it.
Holy shit. O. M. F. G.

If that wasn't a bad trip, I have no idea what is. 226/240 gems so far, and all of the ones I was too lazy to grab were on the 7th level. I will permanently be questioning this game creator's sanity for the rest of my life.

The princess is a lie!
Cleared it earlier today.
Armor Guardian
Quote from Quietus:
I presume there's an alternate ending for acquiring all of the collectables?

Yes, and the alternate ending ends on a slightly more interesting note than the normal ending.
Shifty Leader
That M2k2 guy
Is it anything like jumper?
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I am never playing another game you link to again, RT.

also the alternate ending requires more than just getting all the gems.
It can ALWAYS get worse.
Armor Guardian
Quote from JaggerG:
Is it anything like jumper?

Yes. You can jump, and the main character is irresistibly cute. The music selection is also quite fitting.

Quote from Kejardon:
I am never playing another game you link to again, RT.

I guess that means you'll never play the other games that were part of the competition this game was part of.

And I'll be honest. Out of all of those games that I've played so far (the top 6), this is the only one that actually tries to be horrifying.
Even the little flower guy was a fake :o
That game was cool. I don't understand why everyone was creeped out by this game.

link me more evil cute games if you games if you find them :D
in the name of justice!
Just got this and hopped straight through the levels.  Thanks, Artee.

I found about 180 gems just blowing through, and I liked it enough that I may try to get the rest.
I have officially broken the shit out of this game.

Armor Guardian
How the heck did you do that?
Edit history:
Bloodsonic: 2009-01-16 02:37:40 pm
I used the eversion point in world one (brings you to eversion 2) while in eversion 3 to reach abnormal eversions.  Twisted Evil

EDIT: more breakage.
1. Another unused tileset; eversion 1--1.

2.this box that takes you to eversion 4 has a jewel in it! can anyone else grab it's game crashing powers?

3.An empty eversion. no tiles are visible and there are no enemies, just like the other eversions, -2 to -7. ( 0 and -1 have tiles as shown above)
(going beyond -7 crashes eversion...)

Many thanks to an awesome internet person :)
Dude, that's awesome. =D

It was one thing to play Eversion, and it's another thing to break the shit out of it. Nice job!

And, um, thanks random internet person too!
I (sort of) found out how to hack the maps, and I made it so that you can get all the way to Eversion 8 on world 1.

I included the hacked .map file below, in case anybody wants to try it out. Just rename area1.map in the maps folder in your Eversion directory to something then rename this file to area1.map.
I can do that without hacking maps :)
Looks fun, but a little too childish for me, I'm too caught up in rated M games laugh new
red chamber dream
metroid too, right?
Destroyer of Pirates
WOOT, completed this last night with all the gems

OMFG, what a weird ending
Quote from arkarian:
metroid too, right?

If going along with my childishness comment, then heck no, but with the M rated games, yeah. Very Happy