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I was fighting a Guardian and it went into the hole in this one part of the Weapons Complex, while I was fighting it down there the elevator landed on my head, then it tried to go back up, but it got stuck in a loop of going up and down very short distances. Eh? It doesn't go up enough for it to reset. I can't get out of the hole because the elevator won't go all the way back up. gah I guess Samus will have to die to get out of this mess. Has this happened to any of you?
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Bangaa Bishop
Tahngarthor the Bishop says No.
That can happen?  That seems like a very rare occurance.  Never happened to me, and most likely never will.
The real ZM Ridley
This has never happened to me, but one time i saw the elevator go down through the Guardian. He just stayed still after that (but still shooting).