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Breathe in the Future, Breathe out the Past
Here you go danidub! (and anyone else interested!) 
http://www.digital-mantra.com/Digital_Mantra_-_Selected_Tracks.rar (210MB)
01. A Madrigal Tint (5:50)
02. Altered States (The Art of Self Control) (7:29)
03. Ambisol (1:01)
04. Atombolia part 1 (3:47)
05. Atombolia part 2 (6:44)
06. Atombolia part 3 (3:34)
07. Bear Creek (1:03)
08. Broken Signal (2:08)
09. Dachora's Shinespark (4:04)
10. Dotii Iv. 2027 (1:36)
11. Getting Happy (0:50)
12. Lydian Keys (4:36)
13. Marning Mantra (7:26)
14. Metropolis (5:10)
15. Olypse (1:52)
16. P.E.A.R (1:04)
17. Pod Field B (2:48)
18. Que (1:51)
19. RingbBouta14 (3:26)
20. Robghostic Lerps (1:07)
21. Rpg Melody (0:33)
22. Sewing On Wings (3:23)
23. Sliena part 1 (1:34)
24. Sliena part 2 (1:48)
25. Soothe Chamber (2:48)
26. Speedballin' Samus (1:30)
27. Start Again but Slow Down this Time (3:20)
28. Tenutone Talisman (6:43)
29. The Cyberian Otaku part 1 (8:43)
30. The Cyberian Otaku part 2 (4:42)
31. The Deserts of Juol (9:30)
32. The Epikaiser Element (4:10)
33. The Terrible Trivium (4:13)
34. Three Track Mix from Horsehead (7:24)

There's no order to these tracks (except for the ones labeled as parts).
I'll be enjoying this...

I might check this out.  Looks interesting, and I'd like to see some more of your music style.
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danidub: 2009-08-06 08:43:59 am
Here's a new link for Digital Mantra's Music

I should have posted this earlier, but I noticed a different artist name in the info for "Approaching Planet Eris".  See "album artist" in attached pic.

red chamber dream
looks like some guy/group baku llama has a song called "eris". if your music player downloads track information from the internet, it probably just mistakenly tagged that track.
All aboard the soul train
I just listened to some of the soundtrack. In my opinion, it's good, but not great. I know people say "ambient sounds are very Metroid-y" but I don't think so. Most songs in Super Metroid are somewhat ambient, but there are more songs that contain more of a tune, like Lower Norfair, or Red Brinstar. Some songs are good, but some like the Sleeping Prince only make my heard hurt. The Dragon's Den was great, though. From what I've seen with the map, I feel it should have been the music for Phantoon, and not for Ridley. You gave the Sleeping Prince to Phantoon.

Not a fan, sorry Crying or Very sad. Some are great, though.

EDIT: Nevermind about the music for Phantoon point. <_>
I just downloaded this and it only took 3 mins.(100M ver.)
Anyway this is exactly the way I thought the music in Eris would sound like great work.
If only you could have put these tracks into the game, maybe someday someone will figure out how to put music in easily.
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Breathe in the Future, Breathe out the Past
listen to my new track

For some reason I thought of Prime 1 title music when i heard it grin new
Does anyone have any of the music posted in this thread? The links are all dead.
Quote from arflech:
Does anyone have any of the music posted in this thread? The links are all dead.

You may be able to find him on the Metroid Construction forum, or YouTube.  If he'll link you to the music?  I dunno.