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I'm going to be putting everything I find while I work on my 100% TAS here including the final product when I finish it.

I'm going to start with this. After E-Dragon found the HCA Secret World I started thinking that it could probably be used in 100% as well to get to the Item Loss portal faster and indeed it was. It saved about 12 seconds on this first trip but since I have to go back through here later in the run I estimate it'll save no more than 8 seconds.

Another small thing I found while continuing on was that out of an Instant Unmorph you can lock onto a target anywhere around you with some directional influences during the instant unmorph. This video only shows a quarter turn but a complete turnaround is possible.

For a short time I tried to find a way to skip the Alpha Splinter fight but I had no success and the closest I came to getting out was around 2 units too short which seemed impossible to get so I moved on and instead optimized the fight as much as I could. I could've probably fought the small splinters faster by shooting them more while they were grouped up but getting them in small groups is surprisingly dumb to try and do so I just did what I could and made sure it was still fast.

Mining Plaza was a particularly interesting room to do since it was the first really big room with many options. I decided to go to the left instead of the usual right because of a video MrSpeedrun had about some tricks that could make it faster and it ended up saving 5 seconds over the normal method. (Getting onto the left ledge and rolling around the left then climbing the room normally is doable by a human and 2 seconds faster than what we already do)

The Bomb Guardian becomes vulnerable a frame after you "Stun" it which frustrated me because you can't turn from the tail to the head in 1 frame so I had to try and find a good distance to be from it so I could still shoot the head as fast as possible after it became vulnerable and still have time to get close so I am right next to it when I fire a finishing shot so it has less travel time. This fight could probably be half a second faster by finding better positions to shoot the boss from but i'm satisfied with this for now.
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