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What'd you say?
Know what the worst dreams ever are? The ones where you're peeing. -.-
red chamber dream
Quote from BioSpark:
ark had a dream that we were playing 800cc on mario kart 8

haha we were so excited about it too
Club 27 Goals
Had a crazy ass dream

I was in a Russian military base and walked up to a helicopter. My best friend was there, as well as D.VA from overwatch (without her mech suit). I start piloting the helicopter which is really really difficult to pilot in my dream. I flew it out of the Russian base into a few towns over to deliver the helicopter.

Donald Trump was there and waiting for me. When we landed he put his hands up in the air as if to ask "what took so long?". I told him we had to escorts him out of Russia and he said "fuck you" and threw us out. Then my friend pulled out a gun and shot him through the windshield. Apparently this was "game over" and my dream restarted from the point of us getting into the helicopter and I was flying it again. Apparently the objective was to kidnap Trump and deliver him back to the base, but I had trouble flying the helicopter and woke up out of frustration.