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Cook of the Sea
Quote from njahnke:
saber, you dream about my old site?

Not the site, the character who was named after the server, which was named after the old site.
red chamber dream
Whoa, didn't even know that you had a character called TPH.

And heh, that second drawing looks a bit like me, when I have my hair parted down the middle (and when I make a "stern" face). Only, older, obviously.
Cook of the Sea
He's roughly 50 years old.  (Oh hey nate, I know you know his real name, but don't post it)
red chamber dream
Terrence Plato Houck.

I think that sounds damn cool.
Samus Lauren
I always have dreams about random stuff that i havent really thought about in a long time, like my mind pulls characters and things out the olden files in my memory and play around with them. Never do i get a dream about something i've thinking about all the time. Like Legend of Zelda? Not a single dream. Metroid? A couple, but that was on the downside. Spidey? Nope. Danny Phantom? Nothing to date. But dreams about my old grade school? Of course! That was last night, but it was one of those dreams that morphed into another dream.

But anyway, i was driving around a town that looked like my city, but it wasnt. For some reason though, there was a St. Peter's Church there that was the spitting image of our church at home, but i think a bit bigger. Maybe my perception was off, i was dreaming after all. But anyway, next to the church was my grade school, or one that kinda looked like it. However, it was really futuristic and cool, like instead of doors they had teleporters and everything was really shiny. Also, it was like the kids there were super smart, but they all seemed to be in a weird uniform that had the bold words 'retro' on the sleeves. It made perfect sense, however, because they were in a part of the building that looked normal except for the teleporting doors. I also got to go through one and it was pretty cool, kinda like a falling experience, where you are in one room and then suddenly in the next.

Then the dream changed and the only thing i can remember is that it had to do with a young elk that was hiding out in the grass beside the school, because for some reason people were looking for  it, but it was really noticable with its antlers so it kept crouching really low to the ground, since you know, it was hiding. And then there was another elk, bigger, older, and definately much more scary than the young buck i was dealing with, and the two began to fight, but for what reason i cant remember. I belive though that it had something to do with the grass that the young elk was standing on and had been eating. Anyway, the young elk somehow defeated the older elk, and the dream basically ended there.

Weird huh? And i dont even KNOW where the elks came from.
I run this here hotel of an evening
Quote from Izo:
I dreamt about hover-bikes once.

you mean like the land chasers in megaman x?
i've had a dream with land chasers, and man did it pwn!
Armor Guardian
I had a dream in a dream. Can't remember any details.
I run this here hotel of an evening
you mean like you're dreaming, and you wake up, but you don't ACTUALLY wake up? just like a dream in a dream in a dream in a dream?

i've had a few of those. i never thought much of it.

i've only had one flying dream, though i want more.
(user is banned)
Don't underestimate the girls!
Some days ago my ex-girilfriend was in our house, when nobody was in here! She was alone, and could find and do what she wanted to do.
Well this scared me, when my mother told me about that, she came here out of town and saw her here in the house, I got really really scared.

As it comes, I had a dream about it, and this dream was like, OMG!
She broke into our house, she was completely screwed up and destroyed everything and everybody except me in the house, but she cut of my legs and my penix, She got mad about it. And then I woke up, full in fear and sweat. What a horrible dream!

The fact is I leaved her because I had no feelings to her and there were these other 3 Girlfriends I had... but, then... this fantastic and so sweet and nicest girl ever came and I had to left every other girl.
Had my first dream in weeks (or first that i can remember) last night. I was running down a mountain, being chased by something. I looked behind me and saw this huge, robot-like head emerge, which shot a blast of electricity at me. It hit me and suddenly i was in the middle of a dark room, with my sister. There were all these doors along the walls, with people looking in at us and tapping on the glass. My sister tried to hide behind me and i was trying to reassure her that it would all be ok. The people all started to open the doors, and then I woke up.

There were many more parts to the dream, i'm sure of it...i vaguely remember being in a desert-like place and logging on to the internet on a computer terminal. I can't remember anymore than that, though.
Cook of the Sea
I had another webcomic dream last night.  I can't remember many details, but it was hectic with characters craploads of different comics running willy-nilly everywhere.
I can't generally remember any dreams, but I can control what they're going to be about.  The key is to fall asleep and concentrate hard on what you want to dream about.  Did I mention you need to be tired and ready to fall asleep?  To find out if it worked, someone (or something, like last night the thunderstorm blew a window open), must wake you up fairly quickly after you fall asleep and you'll instantly be thrown back into your real life.  Then you'll know if you had a dream (but usually not the topic).  If I don't concentrate on anything, I don't fall asleep for at least 20 more minutes and when I wake up, I know there was no dream whatsoever.  Usually, the dreams about what I want to happen (which I can't reveal for obvious reasons).
red chamber dream
Yeah, I do that all the time. If I try and think very hard about a certain person, I usually dream about them.
Theres this weird thing I've been able to do with a very few of my dreams and I was wondering if anyone else has had something like this:

Very rarely, I've had dreams in a state where I was in a dream, but my mind was working (I could think like I can during the day) I would be able to alter anything in my dream and still be in the dream. It was very cool but it hasn't happened to me for about 5 years.
Armor Guardian
Happens to me with more or less every dream I have, it's just very limited though. Either that, or I just get the feeling that that's what happens, but in reality it's just a part of the dream.. hmm. :P

Thats exactly what happened. I didn't know they had research on this, but pretty cool anyways.

Cool, I managed that once, should try it again…
red chamber dream
Yeah, I've experienced that before. Pretty cool stuff, being able to do whatever I want.
I also frequently get dreams confused with reality and think that something is actually true, when, in reality, I dreamed it. Then again, there're other things that I think were just a dream, yet they're actually true. That's the scary stuff.
Also, one time recently I was still having a dream while I could hear my mom telling me to get up for school. The dream only lasted about 2 minutes longer though.
Quote from The Dark Knight:
Also, one time recently I was still having a dream while I could hear my mom telling me to get up for school. The dream only lasted about 2 minutes longer though.

That's happened to me a few times.

One of my most recent dreams gave me an idea for a novel with a target audience of whatever ages read Harry Potter (7-18?). Dreams are more a muse than anything else for me.
I run this here hotel of an evening
i remember having someone try to wake me up, and i'm saying what? because they were just saying my name, and it took me a minute to actually wake up.

as for lucid dreaming, my mom taught me about that, and ways to induce them. different methods work for different people. like me, i can't scream while i'm dreaming. if i try, i'll lose my voice. i think it's because i'm such a light sleeper, which is also why i can't wake up screaming. whenever i try to scream and can't, i realize then it's a dream. for my mom, she'd look at her hands and wouldn't be able to see them. for those who say you can't feel pain in dreams, well i can. i jumped off a house in a lucid dream to attempt to glide like Knuckles, and for some reason fell faster than normal, and it hurt when i landed. not as much as if it had been real, but it did hurt.

about nightmares, i actually don't have nightmares for some reason. except the random  one where i'm falling with no ground in sight, but i scream and quickly realize i'm dreaming

i love dreaming, as it works as a great escape from reality
Jumped off a roof the glide like Knuckles?! Thats crazy! Do you sleep walk?
Just read the linked Wiki.
Samus Lauren
Quote from Arkarian:
Yeah, I do that all the time. If I try and think very hard about a certain person, I usually dream about them.

See, i never get that. See my, mind is always working, even when i'm still awake and not esleep yet, i'm having images that i can control flash through my head. Neer dream about the stuff i think about before i sleep though.

And does anyone have these images before they fall esleep(like, when your almost there but not yet) where you're doing something and then trip, and all the sudden your leg twiches and you wake up? Oh gosh, i hate those.