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I didn't have that high expectations of other M although I got a bit exited by the time some more gameplay trailers came out. But when I played it I pretty much instantly had the same opninion of it as Opium and Hudd. I even played through it again, skippong cutscenes, sort of speed running it actually since the game is basically you running around too much with the odd rooms that have one hit kill enemies on the walls to spicen things up which ultimately fail to do so. And what's with the stronger enemies that give you a run for your money. They look like some sort of enemy character on an episode of power rangers ! they just didn't work for me. I'm not really a big fan of the controls, despite how reactive they are. The game just feels stagnant and kinda boring.

I think the only redeeming factor for me was the queen boss and possibly phantoon, which shocked me with his size compared to super. But both battles were a little frustrating.
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i remember that i facepalmed when i heard the research lab dialogue the first time, but that is just bad translation...

like just before the bug boss fight, when they are all around the scientist body and james says "he's dead..." no shit sherlock! i thought he was taking a nap!

but you can't really take translation errors into the account of bad story, the story is bad? yes. it's utterly crap that should have made sakamoto jump from the roof of his house? no. here are bad side and good sides.

it's just that a lot of ppl got shocked that samus is so completely diferent from how they perceived her...
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you can find a lot of that kind of bad dialogue in most movies.

sakamoto didn't get the right advisors from the looks of it.
They just made her TOO SOFT.  I realize that everyone had their own pre-conceived ideas of her, but up until MoM there was really no reason to ever think she was such a pussy.  She remains mute in MP3, but the other bounty hunters all have a hard edge to them - and she kicked all of their asses!  That's just one example of how past events/achievements of samus simply don't jive with this wimpy portrayal.  I think it would have been cool to show samus' softer side, but to make it her entire persona was just stupid. 
Quote from Opium:
I think it would have been cool to show samus' softer side, but to make it her entire persona was just stupid. 

I don't think they went that far with her, to be honest. She still gets the job done when she needs to in most cases. (Talking about within the cutscenes here, since playing the game gives us control over how she's acting.) Yes, there's all of the Ridley and Adam situations that bring out her emotions, but there are still times where she's in control of herself and is able to focus on her mission and try to protect those around her.

I think one of the things that led to presenting a Samus most didn't expect to see is that Other M is the first time we've had Samus directly interacting with people she knows from her past. (Other than the bits with the real Adam at the end of Fusion.) She's dealt with people before, like the other hunters in Corruption, but not on this more personal level like she is with Adam and Anthony specifically. There's a huge difference between how some people will act around their colleagues compared to how they act around those they consider to be their friends. (Or those who were old friends, like the case with Adam.) That's what I've experienced in my own life, at least.

I don't know: Knowing how this discussion has gone for nearly three months now, my views on Samus aren't exactly what most people think about her these days. I still see her as being strong when it counts, but also being a little emotional at times due to the nature of the events in her life.
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i kind of agree with opium, they tryied to show that she is human and still have emotions, but they kind of exagerated, although she still don't show it to the other characters (i think she only talks with anthony 2 times and that's it, not counting adam, of course), all her thoughts, and some of her actions, realy give a wierd feel to it...

in the end, i still think is just bad execution...
Well, there is more than one example in the game where she's being portrayed as stupid.  The Research Lab, the scene at Sector Zero where she says she's the only one who stands a chance against the Metroids...despite being told they're unbeatable O_o

Then there's the issue of her saying she was young and naive, yet as we come to realize, she still is.  She's too stupid to realize that she hasn't grown up yet recognizes she was at the time of the incident.  It's absolutely baffling.
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i want to see the research lab dialogue in japanese, i still think that she says something a lot less stupid like "why would they be doing this type of research?" or something like that...
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I seem to recall hearing somewhere that in Japan conversations tend to be more 'interactive' than they are in the West. It's suppossedly why you get things like "Metal Gear?!" in the MGS series, repeating the subject of someone's sentence is a pretty normal thing from the Japanese perspective, sort of like our "uh huh" or "yeah" to indicate that we're following the conversation. I imagine the whole bioweapons scene nonsense was a product of that, somewhat altered to make it fit more inline with how conversations work over here. It was just done very poorly, likely due to a certain key member of the development team wanting a more pure translation of the plot rather than a localized version that would make more sense and also make Samus look reasonably capable of thought.
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they failed hard since the game still tanked in japan. i hope the devs realize that and localize future games properly.
How would they have changed it exactly?
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"what is is the meaning of this, adam?" is a pretty good replacement....
or just made her shut up and shoot shit
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but, but, but... what about her personality!?

i would like to see a puzzle game with samus...
and she would wear prof. layton hat...
Quote from kesvalk:
but, but, but... what about her personality!?

i would like to see a puzzle game with samus...
and she would wear prof. layton hat...

Well there is a Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright game coming out for 3DS...
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trimming down the dialogue/cutscenes would do wonders. some things are better with less exposure.
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KingBroly: 2010-11-23 12:38:50 am
If you cut down the book reading, you cut about ten percent of the dialog from Samus' monologues.

Also, what he tried to get across, and should've done more of was try to show Samus' strong heart and determination to keep people alive.  Instead he literally threw everything in there and thus everything is stretched really thin.  If you take into account that Samus is a loner, which I sort of forgot about for a while, then nothing in the game story surprise you aside from the book reading.
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I love the title of this thread! It's one of my all-time favourites movies.

Anyway, if they wanted to make an story-driven game, they should've care more about the dialogue and voice acting.

Eternal Darkness is the perfect example of good writing and great voice acting:

One shall stand, one shall ball.
Quote from noah-x:
I love the title of this thread!

That title was pretty much the actual reason for making this thread. Knowing that at least two people appreciated it made it all worth it.
Tbob, I'm pretty sure your title is what drove all of us here to read the thread.

"What's this? Tbob LIKED M:OM after all that thrashing?! Oh I HAVE to read this..."
Yeah, I'm not sure of where the original quote comes from (or what it's supposed to be, since I'm assuming it's based on something) but what you just said is the reason I checked this out originally. Heck, the fact that anyone else likes the game overall is enough to catch my attention these days with all of the comments that have flown around here for the last three months. The fact that it was Tomatobob was an added bonus.
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tomatobob: 2010-12-13 07:29:17 am
One shall stand, one shall ball.
It is somewhat depressing that people are not familiar with Dr. Strangelove. I was pretty pumped when I figured out Tbob and Strangelove have the same number of syllables, it's what made the whole thing work in my head.

You guys should seriously check out Dr. Strangelove though, Peter Sellers owns. Don't tell me if you don't know who Peter Sellers is, I'd rather not know that.
Took me a minute, but yeah, I recognized him in the end, if only because of the Pink Panther movies. (Not entirely sure if I've ever seen one of those completely though.) Funny enough, looking at the plot summary for Strangelove, it does sound a little familiar, so maybe I have seen part of that before too and just didn't remember. The full title sounded famiilar to me as well, but I could've seen that anywhere.
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noah-x: 2010-12-13 07:46:10 pm
There was another movie with similar plot to Dr. Strangelove, and it had a remake (with George Clooney I think). Maybe you watched one of those movies instead of Dr. Strangelove.

Anyway, everyone in the world should watch Dr. Strangelove, seriously.
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i don't know about that dr. guy.

sorry tbob. don't die plz.