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Gaius_4: 2008-11-12 09:55:06 am
I've noticed there are some emoticons that are doubled and even tripled in the list.  So I was wondering...  Why even have them? 

Is it because some people may type out something close to what one is -- like the 'confused' smiley for instance: 

Confused  :???:

:-?  :-?

:?  :?

Just so they won't have to click on one from a list, and it would be 'easier' for them?

I had the thought that these could be replaced with new emoticons or things that are Metroid related (like E-tanks or Missles, etc.).  But if there is a reason for them...  Then that answers my question.  :P  :P and :razz:

(thinks to self: who would bother to type out 'r-a-z-z'?)

Edit almost one year later:

I know necrobumping is bad.  But I thought I might as well mention I noticed some of the emoticons had been pruned. 
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btw, I think we should add this smiley:
Cook of the Sea
I think the rationale there is that the "official" designation for the emoticon is the first one, and the other two are possible shorthand versions that people might be using without actually trying to use the emoticon, and then the forum just automatically turns that into an emoticon.  We will be getting new metroidy emoticons though. 
just like the metroid metal forum?
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Quote from nate:
just like the metroid metal forum?

Oh god no...
Ready and willing.
I guess I might want to request to sign off on these emoticons...
Cook of the Sea

Ready and willing.
its coming to kill me aaah