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P.JMan: 2008-11-16 06:21:35 pm
I like Big Butts and I can not lie
You need to select the clipdata, check the edit clipdata checkbox, and click on the tiles you want to have the selected clipdata

EDIT: Woo! 1500 posts
Super Secret Area - Dead Ahead!
Is there any way to add slopes as clip data on ceilings?

They work fine on the ground, but the ceiling ones appear to do nothing.  I even checked a number of rooms from the actual game, but they're the same.  A few in-game slopes are set to air, which will obviously allow you to jump straight through them, but the ones that have clip data still don't appear to be effected - you can just jump 'into' them.

I know it doesn't really affect the game, it's just I like things to be well polished.  Wink
I like Big Butts and I can not lie
They do nothing how? Do they act as air, or solid, of ground slopes, or what? And it is Fusion?
Super Secret Area - Dead Ahead!
Yes, I'm editing Fusion.

They act like air, the same as they do in-game.

If you find a ceiling slope, you just go straight through them, regardless of whether they have air clip data or slope clip data.
As far as I know, in ZM and Fusion, ceiling slopes do not work.
Release next week...Ish >_>
Super Secret Area - Dead Ahead!
Yay!  How about a feature to enable stretching the tile window?  I hate scrolling!  Wink

Also, speaking of windows, is there a way to enable the main editing window to auto-fit its contents, rather than having to manually resize?

Please excuse me if you're already working on these, as I'm new to it, but what I've seen so far looks great.  Very Happy
I like Big Butts and I can not lie
Quote from Quietus:
a way to enable the main editing window to auto-fit its contents

What if the room is much bigger than your screen?
Super Secret Area - Dead Ahead!
No, I mean when you open a room, and then resize it, it changes again as soon as you open another room.  Could it not just stay at a size you drag it to? Eh?  The size it appears when you go to a new room seems to bear no relation to the size of the room at all.

The points above were only suggestions too, and I don't want them to be taken as gripes and groans.  Very Happy

Also (and I'll be quiet after this one Razz), is there any possibility of it remembering its last position, as every time you load Double Helix, you have to move / resize the windows again.

* Quietus heads off to continue hacking rooms...
It has a default size it uses, unless the size is smaller then the default and no to the remembering that can raise problems.
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Phazar: 2008-11-29 01:56:56 pm
It seems that the file interdpth posted was bad.  For some reason, it did not contain the actual program.  I downloaded a better file here(also from interdpth):[560]

Also, whenever I try to use the stat editor to make enemies like Space Pirates that are normally vulnerable to only Missiles/Charge Beam, Screw Attack, etc, vulnerable to normal shots, DH does not save the changes.

Edit: Would someone please reply to this?  I really need help, but no one is even reading this topic.
the metroid is a lie !
might make a fusion side hack as well as sm Very Happy
lookin gd
hope it works well this time(had a problem with room headers before)
Among many of the new features planned for the next release, here is a new one that will be welcomed.

Looking good, interdpth, keep it coming!  Double Helix already rocks!
I'm planning to match SMILE XD

DH is reaching max anyhow :/

Palette editor works nicely

Going to add tile animations as soon as I have an idea in my head, if you wanna know how to support DH please PM me :D

And any awesome ideas are welcome.
Super Secret Area - Dead Ahead!
I think it'd be easier working with the clipdata if you were able to see all of them at one time.

If it was a selectable option, like a tick box that turned on all visible clipdate, not just the one you're currently working with.

You could have different shapes to represent the obvious ones like block, air, and slopes.  Blocks would be fine as squares, air as a small cross, slopes as the slopes they represent, et cetera.

I guess in the same vein, you could have a small icon displayed next to the drop-down list when selecting your clipdata too, so you know which one is which.  (Thinking of when I started to place slopes. Wink)
All I really need help with in DH is the Stat Editor.  I just can't get it to work, I'm trying to make Yakuza vulnerable to normal shots for a "Space Jump First" Fusion hack.  Also, I must have messed with it somehow, because now the zombies/mutant scientists at the beginning of the game are invincible.
First off, a "space jump first" Fusion hack would require some ASM, since the item you receive from a Core-X is determined by the event counter, not the enemy itself. Secondly, bosses in both Fusion and ZM that are vulnerable only under specific conditions (i.e. Yakuza and Kraid can only be hit while their mouths are open) can't have their vulnerabilities edited by DH.
Well, do you know how to edit events?  Or is it better(or even possible) to remove Adam completely from the game while still getting items in different orders?
I'll do a quick trace to see if there's a table of pointers for the event system; it would be extremely helpful to anyone making a fullhack of Fusion.

And removing Adam would most likely require the same table (if it exists, which it would make very little sense for it to not).
There are pointers for sure for the events, but I'm not sure where they would be located in a Hex Editor.  I have a hex help document here that came with my download of DH, and it includes pointers for Adam events:
I know there are pointers for sure, but I'm not sure if they're in table or cmp:beq form. A table is faster, smaller, and all-around more intelligent to use, but we're talking about Nintendo, here.

As a side note, I found the main subroutine for pause screen crap, including Adam screens: 080004D0 (0x4D0 in a hex editor). You could nop that bl (46C0 46C0 in 16-bit mode or C0 46 C0 46 in 8-bit/hex editor) to get rid of Adam, with the side-effects of completely removing the pause screen menus from the game and glitching up all sprites when you try to pause or talk to Adam. Also, since actually talking to Adam is necessary for opening nav room doors and unlocking security level 0, you have to do all that crap manually in the Memory Viewer, or for a real hack, you would have to set up custom ASM to do that type of stuff automatically, like changing certain enemy AIs.
WOW, DH has really improved. I love all the new tools, especially the text editor. Very nice. ^__^
I'm like scared to release guys, I just want to keep on going.
Super Secret Area - Dead Ahead!
Ha ha, don't go to far interdpth, or it might end up creating hacks for itself, making us obsolete! Shocked