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Da Dood: 2016-05-12 01:43:51 pm
Dood Trigger™
Been doing/posting a lot of doodles lately on Twitter and Instagram, thought I'd share 'em here too. Hope you guys enjoy them :)


Gimme a follow if you guys like what you see. <3 I post in Portuguese on Twitter mostly 'cause I'm from Brazil and that's where most of my friends hang out online, but my Instagram is 100% in English. Some random doodles to start...

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These are great !
Dood Trigger™
Thanks Opi :)
Cool stuff!
Very nice, much better than I could do.
Dood Trigger™
Thanks a lot, ryu and DJGrenola!

An astronaut
I like turtles.
That's got almost a Calvin & Hobbes vibe to it.
Dood Trigger™
Sweet, thanks!

Dragon attack :O
Dood Trigger™
Wanted outlaws

Dood Trigger™